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A true vascularity question :)

Hello gang. saw a post earlier from some guy that claimed he has 3%BF…i personally think this was a typo, and he meant 13%. But i would like to ask the serious question…how do i get my veins to look pumped… I mean i have good veins in my forarms and shoulders…and they look amazing after a workout, but they soon go back down after a shower or what ever. Is there any thing i can do to make em look better, i mean i know that they get bigger when they pump more blood to the muscles, so in lamen’s terms, the bigger the muscle, the more blood gets pumped to it, hence bigger veins… is this the only way to get bigger muscles, to keep training hard (well yeah, thats obvious…but you know what i mean) I also read somewhere once, that drinking a lot of water (which i think 99% of us do anyway) also helps… Any suggestions gangs, or shall i just keep building my bod and let the veins sort themselves out ?


Paul Govier

I’ll suggest the same thing I suggested to the other guy, besides the obvious answers of being sure bodyfat is low, etc. You might try using glycerol as directed. It’s a fairly inexpensive supplement that is used primarily by endurance atheletes. It’s a semi-sweet syrupy substance that you take a couple of tablespoons of with water 2-4 hrs before activity. It is supposed to keep the cells of the body more hydrated and cooler. Someone else out there probably can explain better, I’ll look around the web. Anyway, some people claim better vascularity when using it.

If body fat is already low and you want to make a quick short-lived impression you could use some OTC diuretics.

try high dose lipoic acid…in the neighbourhood of 3 grams per day. makes a crazy difference

If you are gonna try the glycerol go easy on the first doeses, i took too much on my second time before a rugby game and got the worst shits afterwards arrrghhhh :frowning:
Most guys are gonna hate this but i luuurve vanadyl and ALA pre workout with a carb drink. i keep sipping the carb drink into the first 10 min of training (weights this is). i get mad pumps! i have no scientific reason for this (well none for the vanadyl especially at the ludacris doseage 50mg) but hey i love the pump… flame away

Androsol make me vascular as hell. Maybe try the 4ad-ec product now out.

why dont u try having high blood pressure , hey u may die from it , but you’ll look really kool