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A True T-Woman


How many of you guys have the corage to do what she did? (begins about one-third of the way in)


"this girl is really brave, but without the camera team filming she probably wouldn't have done what she did. i think if she did this without a tv-team, the soldiers would have got rid of her very fast."

Couldnt agree more.



She walks up to a checkpoint with a bag slung around her shoulders that looks like a bomb satchel...

She better kiss the ground that camera crew walks on...



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Fixed it for you.


Worked better with twit than it does with twat. Wit is a word; wat, no so much.

What do you know, one more thing rainjack didn't get.


Hmmm...are you saying that IDF might be murdering thugs?

I think that being an American helped her. The soldiers were perplexed by her American English. "Do we really want to shoot an American?"

If she had not been American, then yes she would have simply been killed on the spot.

Standing down armed men, with ordnance going off all around her? That young woman has true courage, whether you agree with her politics or not.


Whoa. I was expecting them to shoot her.

Someone tell me exactly the reason fer all the fussin' and a feudin' goin' on over thar?


Oh - I got it. But you are much more of a twat than you are a twit.

That's why I fixed it for you.


She keeps moving herself between the soldier with the rifle and the crowd of kids behind her. That took an incredible amount of courage and determination.


Right. It's not because you wanted an excuse to have a couple of pics of Marius to ogle while you read the thread.


Actually I wanted to know the reason for the whole Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I have read a lot about it, but I still don't understand why these people can't just knock this shit off.


If you've got the time and really want to know, read a couple books:
Tom Segev's (revisionist Israeli historian) One Palestine, Complete, about the British mandate years

The Iron Wall, have to admit I haven't read it but it has been strongly recommended
Martin Van Creveld's (brilliant Israeli military historian) Defending Israel, recent look at the military realities and the way forward

Probably a lot of good books I have never even heard of, but be very wary of the biases involved.


Dude - if the avatar bugs you that much, I will change it.

Did you have the same aversions to Hank Hill, or Johhny Bravo, or the guy from Super Troopers?

I don't understand people's hangups about avatars. It's just something to have in the left pane instead of nothing.


I don't know this particular girl but I do know people who have done very similar things without tv crews. It's certainly not a stretch to believe she would too. I have seen people put themselves between children and soldiers in the Occupied Territories many times including my friend Tom (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Hurndall) who was shot by an Israeli soldier whilst trying to save some Palestinian children. He died of his wounds 5 years ago this month.

Special mention though must go to the brave Jewish Israelis who partake in direct actions in the Occ Terrs to bring about peace. They are treated particularly bad by Israeli soldiers who treat them with such hate and vitriol and single them out for brutal treatment. I always had a lot of admiration for them.


No offense to OP, but have you ever been to Israel and Palestinian border? What is your ethnic background? Do you know people in the Israeli and Palestinian army? As a born Russian Jew with many family members living in Israel, I'm kind of willing to fight you on the whole "They're so brave" thing.

I'm also pretty sure they weren't firing live rounds into a crowd of kids. They shoot rubbers sometimes when Palestinians riot or stuff like that, but I can't tell just by looking at the gun. HolyMac maybe?