A True Leg Length Discrepancy

Hey everyone,

I’m 19 years old and I’ve been strength training (properly) for just over a year now, squats, deadlifts, bench, cleans, military press etc. I’ve seen great gains in strength and mass and I’m really happy with my results.

However, I have a true leg length discrepancy, about 1.5 centimeters and it’s giving me a lot of grief. Over the years (way before strength training), I seem to have developed my right glute and lower back musculature (I’m guessing multifidus and lumbar erectors) to a much greater level which I assume is due to the leg length discrepancy. This along with the right side of my hip being higher than the left results in a great deal of stiffness and aching which is really hurting both my performance in the weight room and even worse, in the boxing gym. I have started implementing the exercises from magnificent mobility and have assess and correct but have not found anything that is aimed at dealing with this problem. The lower back exercises in MM help with the pain and stiffness but this doesn’t last long before it tightens up again.

My physical therapist supplied me with cork heel lifts which I wear in my shoes at all times, and wear them in my chucks which I use in the gym. These lifts bring my pelvis in level like it should be but of course does nothing for the imbalance and only helps with the pain and uncomfort a little.

I should also mention I have a tight IT band and quad on my right, and my left quad is about half an inch larger in girth and is slightly stronger.

Is there anything you would suggest guys?

Any advice would be VERY much appreciated! Thank you for your time,


A true discrepency meaning a longer femur, tibia, or something in that idea?

You have to realize that by doing those major lifts with the leg length difference and just living with you have repeatedly been ingraining the motor patterns causing the muscular imbalances?

If it’s a true anatomical discrepency continue training with the levelers which eventually may help to clear it up. Mobility work for anything tight or hypertonic will help as well as some activation exercises or therapy for the under developed or inhibited muscles may help as well. (look for a practioner who specializes in MAT or something of the sort).

Oh and try some unilateral exercises.

thanks for the reply. Yeah my right tibia is slightly longer.

I’ve never done the major lifts without the heel lift, but as I said, it doesn’t take away the tightness and uncomfort I often feel when lifting. Is there any way I can balance out my glute and lower back imbalances? Single leg training?

Is there anything I definitely SHOULDN’T be doing??? Things that I should avoid when training in case it makes things work etc?

Single leg training should help. In the end I suppose that if you are lifting just for the sake of a good physique and health then you don’t “need” the squat and deadlift. You can get away with unilateral work only.

Has the muscular imbalances gotten worse since lifting? If not then keep the mjr compounds in. Keep up foam rolling and such.

As far as glute in concern you could do single leg hip extensions with a “butt poke” at top on your weak side for glutes. For low back you can try bird dogs or some cross unilateral supermans (lay on stomach and raise right arm with left leg, and then switch sides). It’s hard to determine all imbalances that need to be address and provide more ideas without seeing you, but these consistently done over 6-12 weeks should help.

Again, I would look for a qualified muscle activation practioner to get more details and faster results.