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A 'Troll's' Trainig Log


So I guess I'm a troll, because I don't sit in front of my computer all day and pwn noobs on T-Nation. So I'm starting a training log mostly for myself, but maybe it will help others out.
I've been a sprinter ever since High school, and now I run the 100m for college track team. But friday when I was practicing my starts I kept feeling a pop in my knee and it turns out the cartilage under my right knee is wearing off.

So I've started taking medication, but until it gets better I've decided to start throwing the shotput. So for the next for weeks I will be specializing on my overhead press and trying to gain a little weight.

My routine will be: Mon-Heavy shoulder press
Wed-Dynamic shoulder press/triceps
Fri-Contrast shoulder press/biceps


Monday I did Heavy Shoulder presses the workout was
A.partial seated presses(ramped up to a max 3 reps)
B.standing DB press (ramped up to 3 rep max)
C.push presses (ramped up to 3 rep max)
Today I did legs and biceps
A.box squat (ramped up to 3 rep max)
B1.leg curls (twitch reps)
B2.leg curls (regular reps)
C1.preacher curls (twitch reps)
C2.calf raises (twitch reps)
C3.preacher curls (regular reps)
C4.calf raises (regular reps)
I ramp up the weight on all the twitch/regular contrast sets, until the reps slow down.


Today I did Dynamic shoulder work
A.Functional Iso. shoulder press (ramped up to 3RM, held each one for 2 seconds)
B.Standing Military (ramped to explosive 3RM, stopped when bar slowed down)
C.High Incline Press (ramped to true 3RM)
D.CGBP (ramped to 5RM)


your knee cartilage is wearing off, so to recuperate you're putting the shot?

Sounds like Dan John would be a great source for advice-- have you hit him up yet?


Well me throwing is just a way to stay on the team, I have no anticipation of throwing as well as the guys who have been doing it forever. Also my knee only seems to bother me when doing my starts, so far it's been good when I squat or when I throw.
And yea I've neglected the press in the past (mostly because of uninformed coaches telling me to avoid direct shoulder work) so I'm hitting it 3 times a week now.


did chest and back today
A. Decline bench (ramped to 4RM)
B. BB row (ramped to 4RM)