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A Trip to the Endo


Went to the endocrinologist today to switch from testim gel to Cypionate injectable. She reviewed my last bloodwork done November 3 and noticed that my test levels were lower, 229total/459 in Sept. (free test down as well) and my cholesterol was higher 220 compared to 170 in August-HDL was at 50. My liver enzymes were also elevated.

I had done a MAG-10 cycle for 4 weeks at 12 caps a day but had finished the cycle about 2 weeks before the bloodwork was completed. Would the MAG-10 explain the elevated cholesterol & liver enzymes even though it had been about 2 weeks since my last dose?

She asked me to stop taking M and TRIBEX and to stop doing protein shakes for a few weeks and then get my levels tested again. I am ok with everything except the protein shakes. Would you stop the protein shakes?

We did an EKG, Dexa bone density scan of my left hand and a basal metabolic rate test via a breathing machine. My BMR came back at the very hight end of 2722 calories per day. She also ordered an ultra-sound of my testicles and thyroid. She is being very thorough before changing me over to Cypionate at 1 shot every 4 weeks.


Keep the protein. She is doing you a favor on the M and TRIBEX. Your T levels will drop further. Get ready for the shots.


Tough to argue that in my mind. As for protein, you could try to increase more natural sources of protein, especially the natural kind, such as wild-fish, organic / free-range products etc. Personally, I wouldn't worry about protein powders in shakes - but double check on your brand (you're not being cheap, huh?).

Your HDL/Cholesterol ratio is not too shabby IMHO (HDL of 50 is quite respectable in fact), but your Doc is spot-on to raise any elevation of total cholesterol as an area of interest / concern.

Taking out other products at this time is unlikely to do harm, so I would heed your Doctors advice and let time do it's thing; and provide the evidence required for an informed opinion. You can always restart taking a supplement; you can't always undo harm-done. :slightly_smiling:

Also, have you changed your exercise routine significantly? It too can affect cholesterol and hormone levels quite significantly.




I always use Low-Carb Grow! for my protein shakes and plenty of fish an flax oil. Starting to do a bit of cardio to help lower the LDL's (under 100) but otherwise I have been doing Watrebury's TBT or the Waterbury Method for a year now. I did not think MAG-10 would screw up my lipid levels and liver enzymes for 2 weeks after stopping. I will go off the supplements for 3 weeks and then get restested.


I'm not sure why she would tell you to lay off of the protein.



Delurking to answer you -- May not apply to you, but I am being treated for autoimmune liver disorder and get liver enzymes checked every couple of weeks or so.

W/O asking my doctor I started using a protein shake, my enzymes went up. Turns out it was "enhanced' with Creatine. . . Doctor said stop drinking that -- go to a 100% whey product. I did, and Enzymes went back down.



Of course MAG-10 will supress your natural testosterone production.

There's no need to drop the proteinshakes, but do lay off the TRIBEX and M to decrease your testosterone levels even more.

Ask your doctor to prescribe you more frequent shots. I'd inject once weekly, preferably twice.


I thought, apparently I was wrong, that taking two weeks off of MAG-10 and using M and TRIBEX would bounce me back to "normal" levels and my liver enzymes and cholesterol would be back in the normal ranges as well.

My last T levels of 229/5.8 free are while having been on 5mg per day of Testim gel for 3 months but not having done that days application yet, per the docs instruction. If I can't get the doc to do the 200-400mg of Cypionate once every 3 weeks shots (TC's and Tim Patterson's recommendation) I may just have to self medicate. I only want to get back to the high end of the normal range for T levels.

Great responses from the Nation. Thanks.


Me either. If it wasn't for the 3 Low-Carb Grow! and fish/flax/olive oil shakes a day that I do, I would probably drop back down to about 165 or less in no time flat. I am a chronic undereater and the liquid meals are the only way I have been able to up the daily cals.

I am NOT stopping the protein.