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A Tribute to NorskGoddess


I would like to take a moment and brag about my girlfriend.

I got her reading T-Nation a short while ago, and now she is addicted.

Not only that, but she has started eating protein, squatting (you should see her do that...num num), and makes fun of the squat-rack-curlers.

Jealous yet??

She makes P+C and P+F meals for me, and they are flippin delicious.

In short, she is the shit. Gouda. A bona fide T-Vixen.

She is principled, opinionated, and sexy as hell (See the Politics forum); she doesn't put up with my crap either.

But as she has gotten off the elliptical and started eating, her body is even more amazing. I could bounce a quarter off her ass, and now that I said that, I think I will.

We work out together when we can, and I laugh when I see dudes watch her squat more then they weigh.

She is a model for many women, I am damn proud of the accomplishments that she has made for herself in the kitchen and in the gym.

She is a T-Vixen, and I encourage all other guys out there to brag about the ones they know. The women, and NorskGoddess in particular, who read T-Nation are a special breed, and I think they deserve our respect.

Time for y'all to brag now.....


Tell her I said Hi.


If she is so awesome, why is she still just your girlfriend? (I'm very mean)


::blushing uncontrollably::


wow. Hmmm...


how ever you got her to read T-Nation i wanna know, now if i could do the same for my gf


This is worthless without video =D


Good for you. I once had a girlfriend like that, then I made her my wife!


Lucky bastard.


No kidding, lock it up man!


Do I have to move to the US to find myself a vixen?


I'll go ahead and respond on this one -- Tiz has embarassed me enough for tonight.

I see this question on the Vixen boards a lot -- "How can I get my women to: be a vixen/lift heavy/get off the damn eliptical/eat some animal/read T-Nation" etc etc.

I can only answer for us, though. And if you go back on some of the other similar threads, you'll see a lot of good (and some bad) responses. (Look in the T Vixen Sorority forum)

For us, I was always really interested in health, but I was addicted to rabbit food and running. But Tiz is awesome-- I respect everything he says, and its obvious he knows his stuff. Sure, I made fun of him at first, but I slowly started getting the idea. Now I love T-Nation, and I'm starting to spend waaaay too much time on here.

Bottom line: Some girls won't ever become "Tvixens" no matter how much prodding you give them. They want to be skinny and go with the cardio bunny peer pressure... But a certain type of girl :wink: can pick it up with a little encouragement and support.

Good luck!


That's because T-Vixens are "Born, not made". You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear, you are who you are.


I was gonna say that. I just proposed on Tuesday.

She too is the shiznit!


But is she Norwegian?




Congrats on being a lucky man, and congrats, "Goddess," on having a great guy who loves and appreciates you so much!

I know how you guys feel. I'm also really lucky in love with my boyfriend (who also introduced me to T-Nation and 'real' lifting).

Now, I want to see some pics! Come on, let us check out that quarter-bouncin' ass! Pleeeaaaaase?






Gauys and gals:

I don't know if I can do it.

I am one of those old-fashioned fellows of the persuasion that those tender moments (like bouncing quarters off of the ass of the woman you love) should be personal, and not live-streamed over the Internet.

And I am the lucky one.

And she's half Norweigian. :wink: