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A Training Program No One Will Enjoy


After enjoying the discussions on every lifters least favourite exercises ( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/what_exercise_do_you_hate_the_most?id=2185660&pageNo=0 ), I decided to put together a workout involving all of them. Here it is;

1A: Turkish Get up [60 secs each side]
1B: Wide Grip Pullup [30 secs]

2: Front Squat [60 secs]

3A: Barbell Floor press Slow Negative with a 1 second pause at the floor [30 secs]
3B: DB Lunges [45 secs each side]

4A: Stability ball Leg Curl [60 secs] (change legs on repetition of the superset)
4B: Hanging Leg Raises [30 secs]
4C: Kettle bell/Plate/DB Swing [90 secs]

5: CARDIO [Lots of it]

You should be able to work out the rest periods for yourself depending on your conditioning. I didn't include deadlifts because you should already be doing that at some point during the week and I don't like to do it more than once a week.

Having said that there's a couple ways to use this program; you could do it once a week for 4-6 weeks, replacing one of your workouts; or you can go whole hog and do it 3X a week for 2 weeks. In the second example I'd start with 3 sets of 5 Deads. You should see improvements in all the exercises you love!


Thats the thing though. Many people are not deadlifting for one reason or another. It is too hard or I might throw out my back (insert favorite excuse). Tear Seriously though, not a bad idea for a program with all exercises that I dislike.


Strange, that actually looks a bit like the workout that I do. (Completely different split and rep ranges, but the exercises are all there.)


It looks like a couple of Crossfit WODs put together...It made me think...:slightly_smiling:


This is a post I do not enjoy.


people dont like bench pressing? or did you put everyones favorite exercise in there for measure?


20 rep FRONT squat? Bad idea, bro.

And DB swings (similar to power cleans).......superset with GH raises? really?

did you put any serious thought into this, or just cook up an overtly eclectic routine for the sake of making one.

Otherwise, your routine looks awesome.


I was thinking about putting it in as everyone's favourite for good measure, but it actually came up a couple of times in the original forum.

I think I might Edit it to a slow negative


Well the 20 rep front squat was an idea I got from Dr. Clay's High intensity training program, I liked the idea of making this exercise even more brutal.

I thought long and hard about the first 3 sets but I tacked on the last one later (later in the evening aswel)

Now that you mention it, I didn't consider the Lower back involvement of the GH raises, I'll replace them with something now.



I guess you must like it then! In which case you must do something more like this:

1: Smith Machine Bench Press 3 X 10
2: Smith Machine Squat 3 X 10
3: Smith Machine Calf Raise 3 X 10
4: Smith Machine {Insert whatever other exercises normal people do} 3 X 10

5: Light jog for 45 mins in the 'fat burning zone'

You'll fucking hate that.

Seriously though, the rep ranges are pretty arbitrary, the goal is for an incredibly hard and intense workout, as long as that applies the reps don't really matter.


am I the only person that LOVES deadlifts?


Nope, I like them too. I actually like snatch grip deadlifts a lot too.

Agree, regardless of how advocates for higher reps. It's too demanding on my upper back and my form starts to suffer once I get to 7 or 8. For working sets I go no higher than 6 reps.

I have a hard time believing that this movement is the most hated hamstring variation but I can understand people posting it as a hated movement.


no everyone loves deadlifts and rackpulls, thats why they arent in the list


What a shit ass program.


Ok so I've edited the program a little, mainly to get rid of the 20 rep front squat, but I also realised how much I fucking hate doing sets for time instead of reps, so I'm going to hate this program even more now.