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A Training Log: Lack of a Clever Title

I felt inspired to start a training log on here. I keep a vague written one with training notes and thoughts, but thought a public one would be nice for receiving feedback and helping keep me in line.

A brief “about me”:

Age: 26
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 185? Last time I weighed myself I was, at least.
Profession: Currently, security guard. Previously, self-defence instructor. Security works pays the bills, and right now I’m in a shitty part of town essentially doing the work of cops with none of the resources. Haven’t been able to get back into teaching since moving to Northwestern Ontario (yet).
Training goals: Simplicity. My training career has been plagued with inconsistency and “paralysis by over-analysis”; I’ve frequently changed programs, stopped doing what I wanted to do simply because I thought I should be doing, which has caused me frustration in my training.

With a child on the way, I’d like to eliminate as much guess work from my training as possible in order to be as present for my wife as possible. With this in mind, my current training will focus on my 3 favourite lifts to keep things simple: the deadlift, the clean and press, and loaded carries (namely the farmer’s walk), with minimal accessory work used just to fill the gaps.

I’ll probably log interesting things that happen at work during the day, simply because sometimes the most hilarious shit happens.

Disclaimer: this log will probably shrivel up and die at some point. That usually happens when I try to commit to internet things.


I’ll jot down yesterday’s workout:



  • 160x3
  • 195x3
  • 235x3
  • 275x3
  • 315x3
  • 355x6
  • 375x3

Notes: Felt good. I use 5/3/1 programming for my main lifts because it’s always worked best for me. This next 4-week block will be done as 3/5/1 with 1 joker set on the 3’s weeks, and as many jokers as possible on the 1’s week.

Rack pull (below knee)

  • 225x6
  • 250x6
  • 275x6

Notes: Haven’t done rack pulls in ages, so I stayed conservative. The 275x6 set felt like a good starting point for next time.

Goblet squat

  • 4x25 @ 50

Notes: I’ve always enjoyed high rep squatting and horizontal pressing way more than heavy, low rep stuff. Probably because I spent so many years getting used to it when I was younger training martial arts. I’ll probably move the goblet squats to my loaded carry day; felt out of groove with it following deadlifts.

Leg curl and horizontal cable rows (superset)

  • 3 sets following the 10-6-10 method

Notes: Fucking hated this. Should’ve just dropped them and did something else but I’m stubborn. I just don’t like “bodybuilding” stuff.

All in all, felt like a decent session. I definitely do better when variations of a similar movement are used throughout the entire session. I’m a terrible multitasker.


Cardio day, bitches:

20 minutes alternating between 60 seconds walking, 30 seconds jogging and 30 seconds sprinting.

Notes: This used to be my go-to conditioning workout, except I would walk 1 block, jog 1 block and sprint 1 block. Right now it’s way too cold to run outside, so I’m stuck with a treadmill.

I’m actually a big fan of intense cardio and find it immensely fun, so this was a good session.

Hello mate - thought I’d say hello before your log shrivels and dies like my new one will do, no doubt!

Perhaps we can keep each others going. Sounds like we’ve both wasted time over analysing and then thinking “sod this” and end up doing nothing.

So good luck and I hope it works out for you.

Congratulations on the baby - first one? If so you are in for the best times of your life! And I mean that in all seriousness!

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Thanks, man! Yeah, first kid. I’m excited.

I’d totally be down to keep each other motivated. Consider it done!


Let’s press!


  • 55x3
  • 65x3
  • 80x3
  • 95x3
  • 110x3
  • 120x6
  • 125x3
  • 95x3

Notes: All weights were cleaned to the shoulder. My press has always been my weakest lift, despite it being one of my favourite. I blame it on my numerous shoulder separations from martial arts, but in reality, my upper body is just weak. It also feels like the weight suddenly gets heavy with my press; the lower weights are stupidly easy, then all of a sudden it feels like a struggle. Finished with a down set to groove speed.

Pin press (forehead height)

  • 125x6
  • 130x6
  • 135x6

Notes: Simialrly to my sets of rack pulls earlier in the week, I started conservative because I haven’t done pin press in a long time. Definitely going heavier next time.

Push-ups (feet elevated on bench)

  • 4x25 @ bodyweight

Notes: Ahhh push-ups, my old friend. I love push-ups. Took some mini breaks on the last couple sets, because I haven’t done high-rep push-ups in ages.

Tricep extensions (cables)

  • 3x10

Notes: Did these one arm at a time, gripping the little ball at the end of the cable (learned that from Mark Bell). Last set was rest-pause style.

Short, simple session, but it felt great.



  • 30 minutes

Notes: I have a yoga app on my phone, so I just picked a flexiblity-focused session and went at it.

Contrast shower

  • 12 minutes (3 minutes hot, 1 minute cold per round)

Notes: Love contrast showers. Yoga paired with a contrast shower is my go-to recovery method. I feel so refreshed and relaxed after.

Simple recovery day.

Looking good so far.

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Frame carry

  • 130x30m
  • 165x30m
  • 200x30m
  • 230x30m
  • 265x30m
  • 295x30m
  • 230x30m

Notes: I have a homemade carry frame that doubles as my “prowler”, which I use in my basement. The distance is slightly above 30m per set, which is done in 5m-ish increments due to space.

Frame push

  • 3x40 yards @ 165

Notes: I have to get so freaking low to push this thing. The concrete in my basement is also fairly smooth, so I have to dig my feet REALLY hard into it to push. Makes everything feel way heavier.

Weighted shoulder dislocations

  • 5x10 @ 20

Notes: I love weighted dislocations. My entire upper back, shoulders and down into my upper forearms gets a workout. If you’ve never done them before, try it. I use a 20lb 1-inch barbell that I have at home, but I eventually would like to be able to use an Olympic barbell for sets of 10.

I’m always at a loss as to what kind of “assistance” to out with frame carries and pushes, so it usually ends up being small stuff I need but can’t fit in earlier in the week (like the shoulder dislocations). Contemplated doing 100 reps of band curls, but called it because my focus was waning after the dislocations.

Sounds relaxing. I tried a contrast shower today but oddly my shower wouldn’t get cold so it wasn’t very good!

Do you do all your training in your basement?

I used to, but for the last few months I was training in a gym attached to where I work. I’ll be going back to cellar-dweller training from on, though.

I used to train in my garage which I loved then I felt like a hermit so I joined a gym, which I loved but now I’d rather be back in my garage again…only problem is I sold all my stuff!