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A Trainer That Won't Rip Me Off?

i’ve been looking for gyms in my local area, and i’m looking for a place that has someone who will teach me the basics of proper form for deadlifts, squats, etc so i don’t break something while lifting very heavy weight for the first time. but i’m guessing most personal trainers want to milk you for as long as they can (as they do have to make money - and i don’t blame them), showing you a lot of stuff you don’t need, when i just want to learn the absolute fundamental basics and get on to doing it on my own. any tips beyond just reading online reviews?

get a copy of startting strength and look at rippetoes instructional videos on youtube

i actually own ‘starting strength’ and have tried working from it, i’d still like to find someone to fine-tune my form, though.

Find gyms in your area where independent trainers work and look for someone with a background in what you’re interested in. Then contact them and be up front about what you’re looking for. Commercial gyms probably aren’t going to work for you and probably don’t have anyone you’d want to work with anyway, so look at private, semi-private, and warehouse gym types of places.

Where do you live? Its unlikely, but maybe someone here could give you a specific recommendation.

thanks for the advice. i live in central san diego but can travel anywhere inside the county.

Your first question might well be “how much do you squat/deadlift”. If you aren’t satisfied with the answer, find someone else.

Do you ever travel to LA? There are a few certified starting strength coaches up here, and an officially affiliated gym – Horn Strength and Conditioning.

Barbell Brigade is another good gym here where I’m guessing you could get quality coaching.

look these guys up if you want to get into powerlifting, or being big and strong, in general.

Look up Dave Tates vids on elitefts