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A Ton of MAG-10


I have in my possesion 12 bottles of MAG-10 The Legacy (double strength formula) and two factory fresh sealed MAG-10 420 and one MAG-10 420 that has been opened but is full. These bottles have been stored in the freezer for the past 18 months are as good as new.

12 MAG-10 Legacy-double strength
3 MAG-10 420 (each bottle equals 5 regular)

PM me if you are interested.

Mike Sullivan


Overwhelming response. Payment will be via Paypal. Sorry cannot post prices on the site.


Anyone who buys all of the legacy or the 420 packs will get a FREE bottle of M and a FREE bottle of TRIBEX and a FREE XL t-shirt from my bar. If you are a large too bad cause you will be an XL after the MAG-10.

I have a very solid rep an ebay. id sullyspub.


sully, i PMed you and do have paypal ready, just pm me back with the details.


Current inventory

8 MAG-10 Legacy
2 MAG-10 Destroyer 420 count

Lots and lots of interest. Only a few "Buyers"

Legacy link

420 Count


I would love to take some off you hands, but customs can be a real bitch here.

Good luck.


2 legacy
1 destroyer 420.





Thanks for all the interest. Damn that was a lot of PM's.
Now I know how TC must feel. At least in regards to how many PM's he must get.


A few of the packages that I mailed out on 3/20/6 were returned for insufficient postage. They are again on their way. Sorry for any inconvenience.




Geez, I hope we all realize that this now is illegal shit! in the same class as AAS. Why don't we all post our AAS products we got sitting around that we ain't using for sale :slight_smile:


Yeah right, WTF??

I've got some drol.


I bet you get several pm's looking for a source... HAHA




Yeah, in addition to possession add in conspiracy, possession with intent to deliver, trafficing a controlled substance, mail fraud, e-mail fraud and a few others. And if you shipped outside your domicile, you broke a host of international laws.

Hopefully no DEA trolls on your distribution list.


LOL. It hardley seems worth it for a few thousand bucks!


I think it would be a pretty weak case for someone selling old prohormones over ebay, not many judges are gonna treat this guy like a drug dealer. At least not up here in Canada where Prohormones have always been illegal. Hell everyother health food store (including the one in the Golds Gym I frequented) carried the stuff under the counter and I have never once heard of it being an issue. The owner of the store I frequented put it this way "no body really cares". This would seem to be the case as I ordered prohormones several times from the states with no customs problems what so ever.