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A Ton of Free Time, Plan?

Alright id consider myself more of an advanced beginner (but still a beginner none the less)

But basically between work and school being incredibly hectic, significant burnout, and diet being unusually sloppy ive fallen a long long way, and am in significantly worse shape than I was 6 months ago.

Recently laid off and now finished with school (for the year) I have more free time then Ill ever know what to do with, so thought maybe someone could point me in the right direction for a high volume program.

Not looking for some low weight/high rep pussy crap, but something that will bust my ass hardcore and take my conditioning to another level.

Totally cool with any kind of splits, cardio, hiit, w.e

(Note not looking for some kind of “quick fix” or rush to get ABZ for the summer or nothing, I just have more free time then I likely ever will have again and want to make the most of it)

Thanks a ton and appreciate any recommendations you have !

I have zero experience with the program, but I am aware that sheiko has you going twice a day 3 days a week. So 3 days out of your week would be pretty much totally about training.

You could also try something like 531, which is a 4 day a week program with 3 days of conditioning on any of the days you want, so just do the conditioning on your days off so that you are doing something everyday.

A program like Westside (If you take the time to figure it out) is very effective and advocates extra workouts that you can do on off days to help with recovery or to bring up weak points that you may have.

These are of course all strength based powerlifting programs, not sure if you are more concerned with physique or strength.

You could also try working in Waterbury’s PLP challenge to get some extra work in everyday. Here’s a link to that. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/plp_the_60day_challenge

Thanks predicated gonna read into what you mentioned.

Strength and endurance/conditioning are priority, physique isn’t a concern.

HP Mass (with the prowler/conditioning work) plus PLP.