T Nation

A Toast to Biotest

T-Vixens and T-Men of T-Nation, I ask you to charge your glasses of Surge and Metabolic Drive, and raise a toast to Biotest. A company that does not treat us as merely walking wallets holding their money! To Biotest! May you ever be!

Why you might ask? Well, I ordered some stuff from Biotest, 2xTRIBEX Gold and a t-shirt and it went missing in the post! Bugger!! Not only has Biotest started an enquiry as to what the f*ck happened! But they are replacing the shipment! Something I did not expect or even ask for! So, as far as I am concerned it would take Biotest, en-masse, coming around and wrecking my place before I think badly of them!

So, T-Men and T-Vixens, A toast to Biotest…They rock!!