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A Thread Like This...



A thread like this would probably immediately fail if posted anywhere else on T-Nation.

Full of hate, you are. Turn to the dark side, you will...



I don't mean to hate on the guy, but if you're not even hitting 14" on your arms, keep that shit to yourself. Progress is great and we all start at different levels, but even though I have moved forward in many ways since I started training, I'm no where near at a level where I can start bragging about what I've achieved.

Compared to many intermediate-advanced lifters here, I'm still shit even though I'm happy with where I've gotten to from where I started.


It's true. People should realize that there are dudes walking around with forearms the size of an intermediate lifters upper arms. It's just... come on. You're in what should be a prestigious place in the forum where ADVANCED lifters can get together and talk about their experiences lifting.

If you're being complimented on your "14 inch arms", what the fuck are you doing there? Like... what? People wonder why people outside the Cell are bitching about it? SOME GUY JUST BREACHED 14" ON HIS ARMS!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

It only took him a fucking year


Like I wrote in that thread, who gives a fuck?

So a newb lifter has caught the progress bug and is excited to share and hear the stories from others... after the fairly recent "call out" fails, one thread of a new lifter sharing his first "they think I'm swole" experience is small fries.

He wasn't posting to tell us how jakked up he is. He was just excited that people are starting to notice his progress and encouraged us to share our stories, as well. Shit, we've all experienced it.

I think it's a testament to the Cell that a newb lifter can share his progress and not have the thread turn into a complete clusterfuck of bitchers and moaners... which is exactly what would have happened if it was posted in the public forum.

As long as one of those doesn't pop up every week, I'm going to stand by my 'who cares' comments.


It is small fries, and I do agree with "who cares", but why post it there in the first place?

This will end up being a pointless debate in the long run, but it is the internet, so lets run with it.


I guess you'd have to ask the OP why he thought it was a better idea to post it in the Cell rather than the BB forum. I have no idea why (I wouldn't make such a thread in the first place), but if I had to guess, I would say it depends on how you view the Cell (something I think I wrote about in that thread): whether or not it is a place for advanced discussions only, or if it is simply a place for bodybuilders to talk shop without getting overrun with trolls and asshats.

I view it as the latter, and think a lot of people forget how shitty the bodybuilding forum was shortly before the Cell was created. The low quality of the forum and the abundance of trolls and hawt abbzers was, to my recollection, the primary reason why Alpha was created.

I think a lot of people serious about lifting just wanted a place where they could talk bodybuilding without being harassed by a bunch of Fight Clubbers.

So, to nutshell it: I view the Cell as a place where serious weightlifters can talk about weightlifting without having to worry about gay thread hijacks and trolls. Maybe the OP of that thread felt the same. I don't think there is really any question as to how it would have turned out if it was posted in a public forum.

edit: I'll admit I cringed when I first saw it (thinking of how it would turn out), but was pleasantly surprised by how respectful and supportive most of the Cell members acted.

THAT'S the best feature of Alpha, in my mind (though that's probably because I'm not at the level where I should be worried about any 'advanced' topics and don't care enough about theories to limit the forum solely to intellectual masturbations).


True, I was very surprised at how it was handled until BBB showed up. It's a good point that he's there and that's that, and he can post whatever he likes. But... I don't know.

It's like putting a light beer in a golden chalice... it just doesn't belong.


I think regardless of how you view the cell, unless you have made some considerable progress, it's not worth making a thread about - anywhere.

I guess I'm just one of the people that won't make a thread about such things. I know I sound like a dick for my views on this, but I just don't see the point of posting about that - especially in there.

At least he is making progress, and I am happy for him.


Well, as I wrote in that original topic: not every thread can be a gem (Lord knows how slow that place can get sometimes). As long as the place isn't cluttered with threads like that (like the introduction threads, which piled up at one point), I don't see what the harm is.

I just thought it was lame to blame "threads like that" for the reason the Cell was so quiet, considering a) there hadn't really been a dud in some time, and b) it's not like advanced members would really become so offended by it they would take their input elsewhere.

I get how some people can have a problem with it, though.


This is true, and I think I would agree if he made it solely about himself instead of encouraging others to share their stories, as well.

In my mind, it was more about enthusiasm than bragging and, despite the fact that I personally wouldn't have made such a thread, I found it to be harmless enough that if someone didn't like it they would be better off just moving along rather than staying there to bitch. If there was an epidemic of threads like that, though, it might be another story.


Again, true - which is why I feel like a dick for saying so.

Let just not let this be a reason for haters to bring down the Cell.


True. It's a great source of information for any new guys coming to the site, and it's a good place for the vets (I use this term lightly) to get their thoughts out.

I guess I just want there to be more information there! I want it to be more akin to IM where you can browse through the stickies and garner all sorts of knowledge.