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A thought

What would happend if someone were to use a steroid or pro steroid and not “massive eat” and they weren’t training “balls to the wall” would they still make gains? Just wondering this?

I know that i have read studies that say that with certain steroids at certain dosages will make gains in non-active subjects…who knows what the variables were in the sudies though…I would doubt that ps & ph are strong enough for this…just my 2 cents…

Can’t build muscle out of oxygen.


According to John Berardi,your gains are in direct proportion to the numbers of reps with a knife and fork.However some reader mail says that guys have made some gains with out eating big,but for maximum results you need to eat,eat and eat.

A study that comes to mind had 4 groups of people. One took steroids and trained, one took steroids and didn’t, one didn’t take steroids and trained, one didn’t take steroids and didn’t train.

As expected, the group that put on the most LBM was the group that took steroids and trained. The most depressing result? The second biggest gainers in LBM were the steroid-taking, non-trainers. Chew on that a while, or give it a thought while almost puking after a heavy squat workout.

I, too, doubt that you’d get the same results from prohormones. Fina, anyone?

i know but say you could gain like 15 eating big and lifiting big. Would you gain like 2-3 pounds from just your normal lifestyle?

Exogenous hormones effect you in multiple ways. Increasing protein synthesis, increase nitrogen retention, cross over binding to glucocorticoid receptors, greater capacity to train harder…

If you ate quality food sources with suffecient calories (especially proteins) and train hard you will maximize the time spent taking the androgens. If you were to diet while using - IMO, you would really only be getting the muscle sparing effects… if thats what you want. But cutting down is best if you have enough LBM to dial in.

It’s like renting a Lamborgini for a couple months but only driving it up and down your block in a few school zones. Sure there are beni’s from it, but for Christ’s sake… it’s a Lamborgini - drive it like one! :wink:

Prohormones work best when you try and suck all their possible potential. Basically by training hard and eating good…