A Thought and a Bite to Eat

The trick is “being there”…

It’s filled to the brim with moments to savour, parts of the day that you just cant wait to come around and the realisation that for myself, i live a pretty blessed lifestyle. I am talking of the T-Nation way. The ideals not entirely shared in their specifics, but still blanket a majority of T-Nation readers, that is a dedication to lifting, diet and living a meaningfull existence.

I can sincerely say that each bite of every meal is one that i appreciate, almost. i work hard, dividing my time around university and a part-time job i dont enjoy, to pay for the more privelaged points of my diet. The “Grow!”, the “Surge” and the miriad of other healthy food choices that involve a hell of a lot more effort and time than anything i can eat out of a packet. So when it’s 11pm at night and i have just finished my shift at work, i come home to the fridge and enjoy every spoon of that Metabolic Drive and cottage cheese pudding i took the time to prepare earlier.

Thats where the thought here lies. the difficulties in appreciating all aspects of life involve being in the moment. not eating in front of the T.V. spitting out tuna projectiles whilst you laugh at the Simpsons.

However, being in “the moment” is not always a generosity modern life is willing to provide. It’s always busy, always something to do. Money and its daily pursuit makes the world turn. i am still always trying to appreciate the little things that make life a great ride. its like that first shower you take after you get the plaster cast off your broken leg, and you can feel water on your skin again. That type of appreciation is difficult to experience without having been without. Thats what i want from every bite, it makes getting up an hour earlier to prepare the days meals worth while. Mindfullness is hard, but ill never stop trying.

Now on to todays recipe:

Tuna and quinoa Salad…
-1 can of tuna
-1/4 cup quinoa
-1/4 cup oat bran
-cherry tomatoes
-spring onion


  1. Cut up all the veggies into any size that suits and place in a bowl. next drain the tuna and place on top of the vegies and sprinkle with a good amount of italian herbs or other mixed seasoning.

  2. Rinse and drain the quinoa, place in a pot and add roughly 1/2 a cup of water. bring to a boil, cover and allow to simmer for 10 or so minutes. once the quinoa is just about cooked (the spiral like part will become detached) add in the 1/4 cup of oat bran and 1/3 to 1/2 cup of water. bring back to boil (happens very quickly!), then bring back down to a simmer, stirring continuously until all water is absorbed. it will form a gluggish type consistency.

  3. pour the mix onto the tuna salad, mix everything through and enjoy!!

Although on paper the flavours and textures of this meal dont seem to go well together, once tasted it will become a staple of your meal plan.

Let me know.