A Testie Problem

I figured this was the best place for this post. I am currently being checked for testicular cancer. I’m not particularly worried about the cancer. Between reading about Matt kroc and his experience with the problem and checking the NHS boards for the stats (90% survival rate, yay!!) I’m pretty chilled about the whole thing. What DOES worry me is the prospect of losing a nut.

What’s the real deal with hormone levels and the such. I figure I can get a good honest to god answer from you guys. And on the slightly pessimistic note, what happensif I’m unlucky enough to lose BOTH NUTS. I’m sure it would be a bit more complex than just injecting some test and carrying on on my merry way! Any thoughts guys??

Much appreciated.


I went through TC earlier this year. You can read about it in my thread “Bloodwork and TRT Cheatsheet”

Prior to diagnosis, I had low hormone symptoms for a while. After the orchiectomy though, they completely crashed and I had to go on TRT. Feel tons better now–it was probably a blessing in disguise.

Be sure to complete all your follow ups and make sure it didn’t metastisize elsewhere. You are probably fine though.

Hey man, thanks for the reply. I’ll have a read when I get a moment to myself! :slight_smile: How is the TRT going? Are you having any problems with t and e ratios or anything like that?

Taking a while to get everything dialed in and a few mysteries still to be uncovered, but overall I feel pretty damn good. Better than I have in years.

That’s good man. I wish you luck with it. Thanks for the info.