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'A' Team Movie


HOLD onto your hats ...TV legend MR.T's replacement in the new A-Team movie has been confirmed



All the shit that I thought was cool as a kid is coming back. I remember that I used to kick my brother's ass so that I could take my bath first so that I wouldn't miss the beginning of the show!


Mr.T was the reason I started lifting in the first place, when I was 12 he was a monster.


Forget the rest of the team I really want to know who they get to be HOWLING MAD MURDOCH. THEY ARE OFF TO A GOOD START. RamPAGE as MR T.




Liam Neeson is the COL. Not a bad choice Getting old and is kinda Grimmey. I like it.


I like Rampage as a fighter, but seriously is Hollywood running out of black actors? I think Terry Crews would be an awesome BA, but then again the probably doesn't have a name as well known as Rampage (which is quite sad since he is a good actor). Hopefully Rampage works in the role and the movie doesn't suck (I'm sure I'll check it out even if it does).


Come onnnn think about MR. T he was picked not for his acting skills. But for that look I would have picked Michael Clarke Duncan (hope that name is right) the guy from the green mile movie. But The scowl is what makes it perfect.


I'm glad it's not Fifty Cent, he sucks as an actor! I think Michael Jai White would make a great Mr T, he's always angry looking like Mr T...


I love it when a plan comes together..

NO, they need to stop bringing this old shit back... but if they are Quinton does make a good Mr. T. Him, Game or 50. Mr T wasn't huge just a big ole dumb bruiser. Terry Crews is too much of a comedian I want to laugh when I see him. Michael Jai white too much of a pretty boy, and well known for karate. Quinton can just pick somebody up and throw em Like the old MR. T


Bradley Cooper will make a really great "Face"...Who's playing Murdock?

Wasn't it awesome when B.A. was given some of Murdock's blood to save him and he was acting all crazy like Murdock? Good times...


Woody Harrelson, Jim Carey, or Ryan Reynolds as Murdock?


Jim Carey


Harrelson would ROCK IN THAT ROLE


Ryan Reynolds may be too pretty for that role, but he does have the right sarcastic humor...


This is why you can't have Terry Crews:

When I hear his name, that's what I think of now lol. Ice Cube's name was being thrown around initially. He could've pulled it off.


WOW Never thought of Cube, but yeah that look would have pulled it off.


I just read that the production company will not be using ramapage for this role. It seems it was a rumor that got out of control.


Googled it your right. That bites. And they better not give it to Common the rapper/actor.


Rampage Jackson Will Indeed Play B.A. Baracus in A-Team Movie Remake0

After several back and forth reports this week, Fighters Only has been able to confirm that Quinton â??Rampageâ?? Jackson will indeed play as B.A. Baracus in the remake of the A-Team movie.

Jacksonâ??s management is reportedly heading to the US to meet with UFC President Dana White and ask to reschedule his fight against Rashad Evans at UFC 107 in December, which takes place in Jacksonâ??s home town of Memphis, Tennessee.

The reason for the change of date is to allow time for Jackson to complete a full training camp prior to his fight, as production for the A-Team movie is scheduled to begin in September.

The movie has a current tentative release date of June 11, 2010, in the US.

Jackson and Evans recently completed tapings for The Ultimate Fighter 10, serving as opposing coaches. The show is set to debut September 16 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Spike TV.