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a Tasty Year

A little basic info on me…
Name: Dennis
Height: 5’11
Weight: 260 lbs

OHP: 155 lbs/ 165
BP: 220 lbs/ 230 (12/24/11= 270 lbs)
Sqaut: 260 lbs/ 300 (12/24/11= 300 lbs) Had to drop weight and work back up now Below Parallel
Dead: 285 lbs/ 310 (12/24/11= 335 lbs)

Been away from any weight training for last 10 years. Started back training June of this year and so far i am the happiest i have been in along time. Drop 3 1/2 inches off the waist put on 1 inch on arms while going from 250 lbs to 260lbs go figure was trying to drop weight.

Goal Long Term: hit 2-OHP,3-BP,4-SQ,5-Deads, Get to 34-36 Waist
Short term: continue to drop BF% to hit 185 OHP, 250 BP, 300 SQ, 325 Dead by end of year.
Even shorter: Continue to add 5-lbs to Press’s & 10-lbs to Squat & Dead every 3 weeks while running HP Mass Program.

Calories 1800 none weight training days days & 2400 on training days with weights.
Training program running CT’s HP Mass, started my 4th week 9/26/11

Mondays & Tuesdays
am-20 min Tire drags w/110lbs
Upper body Press
A2: Rear Delt Fly
B1: Incline Bench
B2: Shoulder Shrugs
C1: Bench press
C3: High Pulley Rhomboids Pull
Finish off with 5 set of T-bar rows
Lower Press
Finish off with 2 sets of 20 rep per leg Walking Lung

am- 20 min cardio

pm-Neural Charge-Plyo Pushup,Broad Jump Reset,Med Ball Slam,Vertical Jump Reset
Tire drags 3-5 sets of 160y each w/110lbs

Thursday & Friday
Lower body
am-Neural Charge-Plyo Pushup,Broad Jump Reset,Med Ball Slam,Vertical Jump Reset
Tire drags 3-5 sets of 160y each w/110lbs

am- cardio 20-30min
Good Morning’s 5x 10rep
Bentover Rows 5x 12-15r
Shoulder Shrugs 5x 12-15r
1-Arm DB Rows 5x 12-15r
Over head High Pulley Curl 5x 15-20r
Barbell Curl 5x 6-8r
Reverse EZ Bar Curl 5x 15-20

Neural Charge-Plyo Pushup,Broad Jump Reset,Med Ball Slam,Vertical Jump Reset

That’s the set-up i am running feel free to comment on anything or ask questions


This is the 4th week of HP Mass starting Monday 9/26/11

Coming off week 3, Mon & Tues workout felt easy or should i say i was still feeling like more sets…still hit everthing explosive with min rest between sets.

Monday Upper Pressing
am-20min cadrio sprints
pm-warm up i have been doing the Neural Charge-Plyo Pushup,Broad Jump Reset,Med Ball Slam,Vertical Jump Reset

A1:OHP 3x 45,75,85,95,105,MTW 115,105,110,115,105
A2:Rear Delt Fly- 5x15 20lbs

B1:Incline Bench 3x 155,145,150,155,145
B2:Barbell Shoulder Shrugs-10x135,10x185,3x10x225

C1:Bench press 3x 175,165,170,175,10x165
C3:High Pulley Rhomboids Pull 5sx20rx45

Finished off with T-bar rows 10x 75,95,115,135,155, 8x165
Lower Press
Box Squats 3x 45,115,135,155,175,195,195,175,185,10x195,175
Finish off with 2 sets of BW 20 rep per leg Walking Lung

warm up Neural Charge-Plyo Pushup,Broad Jump Reset,Med Ball Slam,Vertical Jump Reset

A1:OHP 3x 45,75,85,95,105,115,105,110,115,105
A2:Rear Delt Fly- 5x15 20lbs

B1:Incline Bench 3x 155,145,150,155,145
B2:Barbell Shoulder Shrugs-10x135,10x185,10x225,10x225,10x225

C1:Bench press 3x 175,165,170,175,165
C3:High Pulley Rhomboids Pull 5sx20rx45

Finished off with T-bar rows 10x 75,115,155,8x155,8x155
Lower Press
Box Squats 3x 45,115,135,155,175,195,195,175,185,195,175
Finish off with 2 sets of BW 20 rep per leg Walking Lung

Felt good today just alittle AM cardio walk/sprints followed by
Neural Charge-Plyo Pushup,Broad Jump Reset,Med Ball Slam,Vertical Jump Reset 5 rounds

Really like the HP Mass Program these past 3 and half weeks. Week 3 i felt like i been in the Hay fields all week when i woke up. :slight_smile:


Evening T-Nation
Another great day…started out with AM cardio workout finished and UPS showed up with 40lbs of Protein. Afternoon took my Dog for a little walk/sprinting and got back with Fed-X at the house with BCAA’s,Creatine & Thermogenic pills.

PM Lower Pressing
Warm up -Neural Charge-Plyo Pushup,Broad Jump Reset,Med Ball Slam,Vertical Jump Reset
warm up with 3x8x115 ATG squats
Box Squat 3x 115,135,155,175,195,195,155,175,195,155
Finish off with 3 sets of 20 rep per leg Walking Lungs xBW
Deadlift 3x 145,165,185,205,225,225,185,205,225,185

Upper Press
OHP 3x 75,85,95,105,115,115,105,6x110,3x115,3x105
Got caught up in the music and went 6 reps on 1 set
Finished off with 1 set of OHP 21s w/75 lbs

Tire drags 4 rounds of 160y each w/110lbs Forward & Backward walk Pulls
1.5-2min rest between rounds
Really tried to keep all sets today around 30-45s rest

Guess i should change my forum name to Smiley since i was told i smile all the time when in the Gym lol
Think thats mostly due to the fact now people ask or say “Man you lost weight” or “You working out Dennis?”
Those feel 100x times better then “Dang you put on weight”

Have a Goodnight T-Nation

Well it’s Friday hope everyone has a great weekend.

Friday Lower Pressing
Warm up Plyo Pushup,Broad Jump Reset,Med Ball Slam,Vertical Jump Reset
3x10x45 ATG Goblet Squat
Box Squat 3x 45,115,135,155,175,195,195,155,175,195,145

4in Deficit Dead lifts 3x 145,165,185,205,225,225,185,205,225,185
Lower Back was pretty tight until half my workout was done and then just got nice and loose about midway thru the Deads.

Finished off with 2 sets 20r per leg BW Walking lunges

Upper pressing
Rear Delt Flys 3x15 20#
OHP 8x2x45, 3x 75,4x85,3x95,105,4x115,3x115,105,4x110,3x115

Started off slow but finished strong so i am happy with that.


Been a tough couple days…had a cousin & long time child hood friend both pass away this weekend.

Upper Pressing
OHP: x3 45,75,85,95,105,115,115,105,105,110,110,115,115,105
Incline Bench: x3 155,145,145,150,150,155,155,145
Bench Press: x3 175,175,165,165,170,170,175,175,165, x1 195,215,225 5# PR
Cable Flys- 3s 20r x20

EZ Bar Curl 3 set of 75lb 21s
High Pulley Bicep Curls 3set x20 x20#

Lower Pressing
3 set of walking Lunges xBW 20 rep per leg
Squat 3x 45,115,135,155,175,195,195,155,175 195,155,115,135,155

Felt good getting back in the Gym after 3 days off for family. One day at a time is all we can do.

Took awhile to get warmed up and going for today’s workout. Think it was mostly due to my cousins funeral today.

Upper Pressing
A1:OHP x3 45,75,85,95,105,115,115,105,105,110,110,115,115,105
A2:Rear Delt Fly 7s 10r 20#

B1:Incline Bench: x3 155,145,145,150,150,155,155,145
B2:Barbell Shoulder Shrugs-10x135,10x185,10x225,10x225,10x225

C1:Bench Press: x3 175,175,165,165,170,170,175,175,165
C2:High Pulley Rhomboids Pull 5s x20r x40#

Cable Cross Over Fly 7s x15r x40#

Lower Pressing
Squat 3x 45,115,135,155,175,195,195,155,175,195,155,115,135,155

By the end of the workout i felt like i was jacked and ready to go again.

Another good workout

Prob should have stated in first post i do foam rolling everyday before & after workouts.
Lower Pressing
warm up broad jumps 3x5 vert jump 3x5
Box Squat 3x 115,135,155,175,195,195,155,175,195,155,115,135,155
Deadlifts 3x 145,165,185,205,225,225,185,205,225,185,145,165,185

OHP: 3x45,75,85,95,105,115,105,105,110,110,115,115,105

Was a pretty fast paced workout tonight,felt just as explosive on my last set as my first.

Been busy forgot to log weekend workout
10/08/11 Saturday
Lower Pressing
warm up broad jumps 3x5 vert jump 3x5
Box Squat 3x 115,135,155,175,195,195,155,175,195,155,115,135,155
Deadlifts 3x 145,165,185,205,225,225,185,205,225,185,145,165,185

BB BO Rows 5x10x135
T Bar rows 15x 75,95,115,135,155 2x10 155
One Arm DB rows 3x10x45

OHP: 3x45,75,85,95,105,115,105,105,110,110,115,115,105

Barbell Curls 8x 70,80,90,100,100,50
Overhead Cable Curls 5s 15r 20#
Single Arm Preacher curls 3x10x35

10/10/11 Monday
Upper pressing
Warm up-Neural Charge-Plyo Pushup,Broad Jump Reset,Med Ball Slam,Vertical Jump Reset
OHP: 8x45 3x 75,85,95,105,115,115,105,105,110,110,115,115,105,105,110,110,115,115,105,105,110,110,105
Kept rest to 10 deep breaths
Incline Bench:3x 155,145,145,150,150,155,155,145,145,150,150,155,155,145,145,150,150,150,155,155,145
Bench Press: 3x 175,165,165,170,170,175,175,165,165,170,170,175,175,165,165,170,170,175,175,165

Giant Set
DB Flyes 5x15x20
Rear Delt Flyes 5x15x20
Bat Wings 5x8x45
BB Shoulder Shrugs 10x 135,155,175,195,225

Lower Pressing
Squats: 8x45 3x 115,135,155,175,195,195,155,175,195,155,175,195,155,175,195,155
Walking Lunges 3s 10r each leg x BW

Today was the start of my 6th week doing the HP Mass Program and i have to say i am really enjoying the workouts. I feel stronger every time i hit the weights.

Playing catch up with my log
Tuesday 10/11/11
Upper pressing
Warm up-Neural Charge-Plyo Pushup,Broad Jump Reset,Med Ball Slam,Vertical Jump Reset
OHP: 8x45 3x 75,85,95,105,115,115,105,105,110,110,115, Tested Max here x1 135,165 would be a new #PR but felt like more of a Push press

Figured i’d test my bench while i was at it.
x3 135,185,205,x1 225,230 New #PR
incline Bench:3x 155,145,145,150,150,155,155,145,145,150,150,155,155,145,145,150,150,155,155,145
Bench Press: 3x 175,165,165,170,170,175,175,165,165,170,170,175,175,165,165,170,170,175,175,165

Lower Pressing
Squats: 8x45 3x 115,135,155,175,195,195,155,175,195,155,175,195,155,175,195,155

Wed: 10/12/11
Neural Charge-x4-Plyo Pushup,x5-Broad Jump Reset,x5-Med Ball Slam,x5Vertical Jump Reset
evening walk 20min

Missed Thursday’s workout some days just not enough time in a day for work,house work, family, and then make time for yourself.

Friday 10/14/11
Was ready for today’s workout as i missed Thursdays.
Felt really pumped and ready to lift sooon as i touched the bar today.
Ended up doing a few sets working up to new PR# Max in Both the Squat and Deadlift

Warm up-Neural Charge-Plyo Pushup,Broad Jump Reset,Med Ball Slam,Vertical Jump Reset
GoodMorning 8x45x2 3x95, 3x135x3
BoxSquats- 8x45x2, 3x135,185,225 2x275 New #PR, 1x300 New #PR

Dreadlift- 3x135x2,x3 225,x2 275,x1 300 New #PR,310 New #PR
Went for 320 but lost my balance forward as i reached my knees.
320 came off the floor quick think i had it in the tank just lost form, all in all was a good day.

Finished off then evening with some Clean & Press from floor
all singles working on form.

Come Monday i’ll start a new 6 weeks of CTs HP Mass.
Really like how the workouts are setup and after the first 2 weeks my body started adjusting to the workout load where i was rested and ready for the next days workout.

6 Week New #PRs
Bench: 220 now 230
OHP: 155- hit 165 with slight push press still most i’ve pressed over head
Squat: 260- Now 300
Deadlift-285- Now 310
So 10# to Bench and OHP
40# on Squat and 25# on Deads
Bodyweight holding around 260 atm figured i would just keep eating clean and let the weight come off slow while i add cardio more over time.

A Very Happy Lifter atm tho

I am also in love with HP Mass, so much fun. My strength has never gone up so fast.

Just realized that you have no back width exercises.
On the lats and bis day i generally do a straight arm pulldown and a lat pulldown with 1 exercise for back thickness. i do this because like you i throw an extra back exercise on the upper pressing days for thickness.

Back & Bi’s

Incline chin-up
3 sets of max reps
Did not keep a count here just went until failure.

Pendlay Rows
5x135,155,175 2x195, 5x175,155 3x175,175,155,155

One Arm BB Row
10x50 with 3s pause at top

Neg Chins
5x5 slow as i could

A1:One Arm Incline DB curls
A2:BB Curl

Over Hand EZ Bar Curl
2 sets of 21s x40#

One Arm Preacher Curls

Was a long day of driving around for parts to rewire stuff for the house kind of just throwed
a workout together.
I will say this about the workout tho, 2h later and my back & Bi’s still felt swole and Pumped.

If anyone has any suggestion or advice on a good Back and Bi’s day i am open to any help advice.
Also i will be starting my 2nd 6week HP Mass Monday and was wondering since i will be using the same lifts again for this 6weeks would it be ok to add in Heavy Good Mornings (Heavy for me lol) before my lower pressing workouts.

Any advice here is also welcomed.

Steady getting stronger

This is my planned next 6 weeks doing HP Mass

Please feel free to critique, comment, advise or just ask questions on what i have planned for the up coming weeks.

Question from me is i have never done Front Squats before, any advice on getting use to these.
Been looking over Video’s so if you know of a good Video explaining the lift you may think would be helpful please link it.

Am weight work
Upper Pressing Days
Hanging Clean & Press
Top-Half Seated Overhead Press
Close-grip bench press

Lower Pressing
Font Squat to Box

Lower Pressing Days
Box Squat

Upper Pressing
Top-Half Seated Overhead Press

Back & Biceps
Pendlay Row-Was thinking of using same set, rep as Upper Pressing days 1-4 ramp 5 MTW 6-16 using 3 reps

Barbell Shrugs

T-Bar Rows
Straight Arm Pull Down

Heavy Barbell Curls-
Same 1-4 ramping 3s, 5 MTW 6-16

Alternating Incline Hammer Curls Held at Top

One Arm Preacher Curls

Pm Eccentric-less Volume & Abs
Abs superset of 1 unweighted 1 weight exrecise/

Lats/Biceps Eccentric-less Volume Circuit
Legs Eccentric-less Volume Circuit
4-5 days starting at 4 Circuit rounds adding 1 round each week
1 round alternating
Back Row,
squated back tip toe drag,
Bicep Curl,
Foward stiff leg drag
30y each using Homemade Tire 110#

As far as this 6 week short term Goal, atm everything is really new PRs for me.
When i started back in June working out it was to lose weight as quick as possible really.
But i have had so much fun lifting weights again i decide to just let it come off slowly over time while just trying to get as strong as i can.

As far as what i am eating my days look like this. I do not mind eating the same day in and out
Hot sauce and BBQ sauce changes a meal quick : )
Scramble eggs
2pc whole wheat bread
2 Cup Milk

Lunch 3oz Tuna w/BBQ
2pc whole wheat bread
2 Cup Milk

6oz Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast
Brown rice or some kind of beans
2 cup Milk

5 Protein Drinks thru out the day

Think that just about covers everything.
Again please feel free to critique or give advice.

Hello T-Nation
Started my Next 6 Weeks today and not sure if it’s the change to Morning Lifting or the addition of 2 New Exercise i am not use to but did not feel that great today with my lifts.

1: The Hang, Clean & Press
I am not sure if it’s bothering my Shoulder from past injuries or just not being use to it.
Problem was with the return Hang Catch. I’ll give it some time to tell if it’s the Shoulder or just getting use to it.

2: The Front Squat
Here again i was having problems with my Shoulder again with the weight being really uncomfortable on my Right Shoulder.

Any Tips or Advice on these 2 Lifts is more then Welcomed.

Upper Pressing
Warm Up-Neural Charge-Plyo Pushup,Broad Jump Reset,Med Ball Slam,Vertical Jump Reset

Hang, Clean & Press
3x45x2 3x95,105,115,125,135- MTW 118=120

Top Half Seated Press

Close Grip Bench

Lower Pressing
Front Squat to Box
3x115,135,155,175 stopped here as the weight was bothering my Shoulder
MTW- 140

I used straps to Keep my Arms & Chest up during the lift with no problems there.
I think for the most part my problem today was just not being use to the lifts.
Will have to check over the next couple workouts and see.
Again i am open to any Tips or Advice with the Hang, Clean & Press and the Front Squat/

Lats/Biceps/Legs Eccentric-less Volume Circuit
1 round alternating
Back Row, 20y x4
squated back tip toe drag, 20y x4
Bicep Curl, 20y x4
Foward stiff leg drag, 20y x4
320y total using Homemade Tire 110#

Will see how the next few workouts go.


Good evening T-Nation

Well i moan & bitched about the Shoulder yesterday from doing Front Squats and Hang, Clean & Press. Today went a lot better. Front Squats problem was me just being a pussy with the weight on my shoulders. I will say shoulders are sore to the touch front the bar lol.

The Hang, Clean & Press i worked on my form after watching some videos of the lift by CT.
Added 3 sets of 5 of Speed Cleans & Clean High Pulls before doing Hang, Clean & Press

Upper Pressing
Warm Up-Neural Charge-Plyo Pushup,Broad Jump Reset,Med Ball Slam,Vertical Jump Reset
Speed Cleans 3x5x95
Clean High Pulls 3x5x95
Hang, Clean & Press
These felt a lot better today.

Top Half Seated Press

Close Grip Bench

Lower Pressing
Good Mornings
3x135,155,175,195, 2x210,220 1x230,240
Front Squat to box
Started these today and noticed i was tolerating the weight better on my shoulders so worked up to a higher weight.

As i figured later on after Mondays workout i was just not use to the weight sitting on my front shoulders. Will take time but i’ll get use to them.
Now i am debating if i should switch out my Back Squats on my Lower Pressing days and just do Front Squat on both Upper and Lower days.
Right now i have Front Squats on my Main Upper days and Back Squats & Deadlifts on Main Lower Days.

Finished up with Ab work
Leg raises & weighted Hip thrusts

All in All a very good workout today.

Well crappy night, dislocated my shoulder with some fractures around the rotator cuff spent from 6:30pm to now 12am at Hospital. Have a appointment for Monday to see Orthopedic Surgeon
to set up some MRI’s to see if i will need Surgery which it seems i will. :((((((((

Will keep posted of any new information
The sad & Disappointed Lifter


Hello and Merry Christmas T-Nation

Well it’s been 2 months since i Dislocated my Shoulder. I took 2 weeks off from any lifting.
Once back to lifting i started with doing mostly Dynamic work while slowly added in some Max Effort Work once a week. Had to cut out Over Head Pressing atm because of the shoulder.

Will start my next workout routine cycle Monday using this weekends New Max Numbers

Squat- 300 lbs Dropped the weight and adjusted to get depth to Below Parallel, Now 300 legit
Bench- 270 lbs added in working a lot of Board presses & Tricep work, also tighter on my setup helped a lot
Deadlift- 335 lbs Only Deadlifting i did was speed pulls on Squat day

So far this year has been very good from going from a couch potato who had trouble with body weight exercises ( 1 push up was killer )
Need to work on my lower body as it’s my weakness atm, Glutes, Hammies, Lower Back
That is my Goal for the New year to bring those numbers up a lot for the Squat & Dead lift.

On a side note, i am 5 weeks away from being Sober for 1 Year. Lifting weights & exercising has help a lot with this. Having little goals and trying to reach those keeps me focused on what i want out of life now better.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas
your friend

Hey brotha, good to see you didn’t let an injury knock you out of the game.

Congrats on being sober man. A year? Keep it going

[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
Hey brotha, good to see you didn’t let an injury knock you out of the game.

Congrats on being sober man. A year? Keep it going[/quote]

Thanks Ct Rockula
Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.

Yeah the injury sure did put a hamper on things. It did how ever give me time to evaluate what had happen, what i needed to do to over come it and where i was heading.
It also gave me time to do some reading which i got a couple Books.

5/3/1: The Simplest and Most Effective Training System to Increase Raw Strength
Practical Programming for Strength Training

All 3 have enlighten me in ways i never would of thought about with lifting.

As far as being Sober it’s one of the Best things i have done with changing my Life around.


Evening Nation

Warmed up with some Band Pulls and stretching for the back and legs.

Squats to Light touch 13in Box

Deadlifts (Sumo)

Partial Deads

Front Squats ATG

3 Circuits
SLDL 3x8
BB Row 3x8
GM 3x8

Leg raises 3x15
Standing Ab pull downs 3x25

Plan kinda of went out the window today and i just hit the weights and had fun lifting.


Evening Nation

A little recovery workout today.
Band Pull Apart x100
Band Leg Curl x100
Band Tri Push Down x100
4 Rounds
Front Squat ATG x25 Bar +40lbs chains
Plyo Pushup x5
Broad Jump Reset x5
Tire Drag x40x2 1 Forward 1 Low squat Backwards

After the 2nd round i was really gassed had to rest a extra few mins between rounds then.
Kinda of laid on the tired after the 4th round looking at the stars in the sky when i finished.
Forgot to time myself for future rounds. Endurance needs work as i was fatigued as hell afterwards.

All in All a good workout.

your friend