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A Tale of Woe, Feedback Needed

Hi guys

I’ve only ever done 2 cycles, test and some orals. Last cycle about 14 weeks

Last cycle was about 6 months ago. I ran the PCT, nova and clomid.

Around 1 month after running pct i got the first strange problem, i developed acne all over my back arms and shoulders. Then my hair started falling out, and lots of it.

So it gave me the fear and i put off another cycle. Continued life as normal and then visited the doctor for something unrelated. He ran some tests and my test flagged up 7nmol. Yup this is at 6 months off.
Another symptom ive noticed is i dont ejaculate anything like the same amount and i “think” they might be smaller. I can still get am erection, but sex drive is very low

Im 38 now,

So its the question. Do i try kick start again or do i accept it and move on to trt? If possible id like to restart. I know i need to go get more full bloods to try get to the root of it.

I didnt run hcg even though i had it as i was slightly worried about dosing and didn’t have the correct syringe.

Im wondering if i should try it now then run another PCT. Or wait for full bloods


Especially interested as to why i wouldn’t lose hair or get acne on cycle but months off it and it starts


PS, trt is terrible in my country. You can get a gel or an injection once every 3 months…thats it…
No hcg to stop your balls disappearing. No test e anything

The acne makes sense. Your hormones are still a wreck and that imbalance causes that response. The hair…maybe the same scenario, but I’m loathe to speculate how it all happened in your case.

And trt is probably in your future, just based on what you said. Gel isn’t that bad, especially when you consider where you currently are.

You could also go the DIY route and just buy what you want and go from there. Lots of guy across the world do that.

Thanks for your response, always value your opinions and experience

Will post up bloods when i get them but covid is making it difficult to get sorted out.

Im quite curious why being on caused no hairloss and coming off did. I must have really thrown something out of whack.

After some research i think i might have found a private clinic that can help me.

Im a bit anxious about running hcg and another pct without bloods to understand what’s going on so i think i will wait

Yeah, that one is weird. Usually the hair loss is associated with excess DHT, but once you’re off that goes away. Maybe just an unusual imbalance in how much DHT conversion happened as your natural test was coming back? I don’t know.

That’s the smart choice. Best to gather some data before making any other radical changes.