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A tale of Paul from Saska-bush!

Happy Birthday!!!

I think it needs to be said that Paul has made the most prefound loss in weight.

Feb 03 he was at 250 lbs
April 03 he was 220 lbds
and since he started HotRox in the middel of June he has dropped down to
196 lbs!!!

great job Paul and here’s to you on your birthday!


Who’s Paul?

I thought you meant JB.

“Paul” is 454ss…he was fat AND ugly when I met him.

He is no longer fat.

Happy Birthday Used to be Fatso!

and…A job WELL DONE.

You are now a member of the “Skinny Bastard” club.

Go eat something.

“No quote, just well wishes”


Great job Paul! Happy Birthday!! Us Saskatchewanians???(SP) gotta stick together.

Nice results!

Have a sandwich Paul. Just kidding pal, great job and happy birthday.

Great job!!! You ought to post some pictures.

Who ever said nothing good ever came out of SASK all the best on your Birthday

Man that’s awesome.

diesel23-Yep it was JB’s birthday on Friday the 18th and because I had to jump in the car and drive for a few hours I posted this for Paul’s = 454ss early.
454ss’s birthday is on Sat the 19th!