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a T-Vixen? wha?

ok that was sort of a dorky article. if thats the only requirement to being a T-Vixen then that takes me off the list too.

i was sorta thrown off by all the ladies in the recentish “top ten T-Vixen’s” article myself. I’m not that girl. I lift, I love it, I don’t take any shit from anyone (male or female) and I’m not here to be ogled or to preen for anyone but myself.

As it is maybe i fall under most of TC’s “requirements”…but you guys can have your T-Vixens. I’ll just be KC in the gym working on her squat. As TC says, It’s not up to us women on this forum or that read T-mag to declare ourselves T-Vixens, it’s up to the guys to declare us so…i take all the excess with a grain of salt like any other woman who’s stuck around here has. I shoulda known better :wink:

onto the damn lifting articles.


Perhaps the power of the T-Vixen is to have the choice as to who is really a T-man or not. :slight_smile:

I’m not really sure of the significance of a woman with plastic bags inserted into the chest and a brain has. I guess that’s “sexy”. Sometimes I wonder if the people who are always finding ways of showing the world how masculine they are aren’t in fact the ones that question themselves the most. I have a couple of friends that are always talking about how much they “love girls”. Going with the odds, I would think that goes without saying.

Then again, I’m not a licensed psychologist so what do I know.

Maybe a Vixen regularly does mentally pick and choose as to who or what constitutes a T-Man. But since I’m not really in the realm of “Vixenhood”, I can’t really answer that.

And neither does entering that realm concern me.

What concerns me is that I am consistently making gains in the gym; be it, strength or physique. Also, to be true to myself, to not attempt to live up to any false expectations but to be only myself in any/all situations. That I am loyal to those I respect/admire and whom I call my friends. That Ko is my equal in all respect.

I do know this: That I am not some unevolved vessel that was placed upon this earth only to become some manboy plaything. Far, far, other side of universe from it.


I like my pink Ugg boots!

Worst. Article. Ever.

Or would a T-Vixen say
Don’t Fu**en mess with a girl’s Uggs.

amen Patricia.

these boards are getting amusing…female T-men (anyone remember oath from T-nation registration?, pretty sure it was gender neutral) confused that they can’t be labelled T-vixens too…something tells me TC is just trying to get some fit, high self esteem ladies to email him;)

TC is a prick for writing this article. What a fuckin joke.

Hey E~, do you have a pic of you in those uggs?

I thought the article was fucked up but I’m not going to get outraged over it. We can’t always agree on stuff or life would get really dull.

I grow tired of the whinning…

I side with the females on this one.

TC’s penis wrote an honest article that declared that guys usually like “hot chicks”. Shouldn’t be too alienating.

Maybe it wasn’t such a good topic to write on as it clearly offended most of the females here and some males; however the article does makes sense, and as such I’m with TC on this one.

The article wasn’t suppose to be about real women who can lift a ton, rather it was suppose to be about hot babes who are smoking hot. When I see a 200lb butch she-man, who can DL 400lbs I think exactly that - a butch she-man who is a big oogly bogley. On the other hand if I happened to see a 130lb hot babe with some C cups or better lifting a substanial amount of weight than I would think: “now there’s a T-vixen”, but in all seriousness how many of you can name off 10 hot weightlfting babes who are well known to the public? I sure as hell can’t. The women listed in the article were uber hot as TC said, and look better than 99% of the women I see walking around; therefore thery’re T-vixens to me. Besides how do any of you know that some of them don’t train with weights anyway? Furthermore the part about integrity and intelligence - well the writer of such an article is probably not going to know any of these women personally, so what, besides looks, would they have to judge T-vixen status on?

TC is TC. Deal with it.

However, that being said, TC’s definition of a T-Vixen isn’t quite what mine is.

All I can say is that to me, all of you ladies who post regularly on this forum, and you know who you are (don’t want to name ya, 'cause I know I’ll leave out someone) get the whole concept of what this site is all about, and understand the foundation of “T-Nation” and what it stands for.

And that, to me, makes you T-Vixens.

And that’s a good thing.

Props to all of you. I, for one, love having you around, so don’t you be going away anywhere all pissed off now, ya hear?


Almost forgot.

Spelling Police here, Atreides.

That’s whining, not whinning.


Ditto what Mike said. I’m not feeling eloquent today.

I think that anyone that doesn’t understand TC’s Atomic Dog doesn’t realize that with his writing that at times you have to read between the lines to know what he’s really saying. I got it but it sounds like most females didn’t.


so I’m a compulsive poster at times

This just occurred to me. A T-Vixen, from the very meaning of the word “vixen”, refers to what guys for years have called physically attractive chicks - foxes.

Physical beauty only.

And in that sense, if a T-Vixen is truly a T-Fox only, then the ladies that frequent these forums may indeed be T-Foxes, but can more properly defined as something like T-Ladies in my estimation.

Kind of a T-Vixen plus…