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A T-Nation Article from My Log?


I'm thinking of submitting the latest post on my training log (alpha's work) as an article (to T-Nation or elitefts)...what do you guys think...go for it, or puss out?


Maybe this would make it easier for everyone??


I've gotten at least, "you suck!" responses from people thus far....

Any editing would help a brother out!?!


git er done, they'll either use it or they wont, whats there to worry about


a) it's a good read, and b) you've got nothing to lose.

What are you waiting for?


not worried...never am. just wanted to know what all of you thought bf hand....


/sigh thats retarded post to have submitted but wutever


thanks....try yourself...or get in a car accident...whatever you choose...


^ tool

Go for it


There have been so much shit like this on the site I mean really...


Try to create full sentences correctly, then you can criticize what I have written...thanks....


Don't worry about him.. It is only a 2009 member. You should definitely go for it because the worst that can happen is that they say no.


Well I asked Chris Shugart to take a look... I guess we will see what happens...I have been a part of this thing for so long now, it would be really cool to actually be part of it...

Time will tell but thanks for the support everyone!


Enjoyed reading that Alpha! Good Luck!


I found it to be a bit too much like a Tony Robbin's motivational piece.

And yes, I do agree with what someone posted above which is that your general theme is reiterated over and over again in the forums.

You obviously have fantastic training results, and if that coupled with your writing inspires people to train harder then great. However, I wouldn't recommend people to come to this site to read this as a featured article.

I think something a bit more focused about time management skills, especially with regards to the balance between your professional life and training would be a more interesting and informative read.

It is a good read, and go for it anyway, you never know.....


That was fucking awsome, gj


This is actually really good constructive criticism. Not enough of that going on around this site,so thanks...

to everyone who liked it, thanks so much as well!


There may have been similar article/rants posted by different people on this site, but the fact remains that each time one gets posted someone new gets to read it/experience it and become inspired by it. Inspiration isn't sought out, it's discovered. I enjoy user generated posts (like yours); they illustrate the philosophy that is presented by this site that accomplishment is attainable through dedication and hard work and the application of knowledge.


Very inspirational read, I'm going to pass it along to some who could benefit from it. Best of luck getting it posted as an article, i think it deserves as much.


Well It has been sent off to Chris Shugart Here through PM...But it has seemed to amazingly "disappear" from my sent box...so I am not sure if he got it or not.

I have no idea how to submit it otherwise...

I also kicked it over to eliteFTS, their editor who deals with this stuff is out next week, so maybe I will hear something by then...

Either way, thanks so much for the support and good criticism from everyone