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A T-man

This question has probably been posted before, but what essientially is/makes a ‘T-man’? 18 inch arms, a 400lb bench, ability to do it four times in one night, knows the benefits of casein over whey or all of the above? Seriously, what do you guys think?

Dan: T.C. said it best in an “Atomic Dog”…can’t remember which one, but I’ll search…

(P.S. There was diagreement on some of T.C’s thoughts…but maybe that is a trait of a "T-Man/Vixen…agree to diagree…)

Issue 200 Atomic Dog= “The Measure Of A Man”

Issue 187 Atomic Dog= “Generation T”

All will NOT agree…but it’s a start…and opens one Helleva’ conversation and post!

Well, you quote some things that have to do with physique and strength, but nothing that, in my mind anyway, has ANYTHING to do with being a REAL T-man. It’s more a mental thing. Some one who doesn’t stand down in the face of injustice, doesn’t go with the crowd but stands up for what is RIGHT, will fight for himself and his family, and takes care of business. I’ve known several T-man in my life that WEREN’T bodybuilders or even all that physically strong. But they had personal strength (character) that towered over most every one else I’ve known. Combine that with physical strength, and you’ve got the whole package.

A T-man is someone who is attracted to the personal/selfish benefits and characteristics of increased T. Strength, courage, defiance, hatred are prized for this man. He will fight for his beliefs and he sees violence as a reasonable solution. His natural T levels increase from watching ULtimat Fighting and Porn. He wants to kick your ass if you get in his way.

I don’t think he necessarily wants to get in fights with guys who get in his way, BUT he will if thats what it takes. He doesn’t start shit unless someone fucks with him. I’m thinking John Wayne here.

Then he fucks a bunch of chicks in the butt.

Where I live - money.

I think that a T-Man need not necessarily look the part. My father is pushing 70 years old, has a bit of a beer gut, wears glasses, and hasn’t worked out a day in his life. However, he is as strong as an ox, is every ounce a fighter and isn’t afraid of anyone or anything. He busted his ass his entire life to put food on the table for my family, and every day I am a little more thankful that he was a part of my life. I think THE most important aspect of a T-Man is a set of concrete balls and an unfailing commitment to friends and family.

Ko is a perfect example of a T-Man. He, in my opinion, represents fully the Bushido, the “soul of Japan” - a series of unwritten code of laws governing the lives and conduct of the nobles in (fuedal)Japan. These codes: courage, benevolence, politeness, veracity/sincerity, honor, duty/loyalty, justice.

Ko is undoubtedly the point where all men are gauged upon (for me).

I think the most recent and best example of the qualities that comprise a t-man were seen in firefighters, police and EMT’s who lost their lives on 9/11. These were men and women who were scared and unsure of what was happening around them. None of them could have ever imagined being in the incredibly horrible situation they were in. In spite of their fear they headed up the towers to do their job. They did not let each other down and they did not let the public, they serve, down. They all new that the cost of doing their duty was the possibility of losing their lives. I can’t imagine the type of character, loyalty, courage and sense of purpose it must have taken to head up those towers in the face of that kind of fear. For me, these men and women will always be the marker for which I guage my manhood.

‘Stay hungry, stay healthy, be a gentleman, believe strongly in yourself and go beyond limitations.’

A quote from Arnold.