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A T-Man Transformation.

Hi guys the name is Corey. I’ve been an avid T-reader for about a year now. I used to browse ocassionally and this site has helped me a ton. I am currently ranked 7th in the country for wrestling at the 69kg class. I weigh currently 156.5lbs.

My goal this summer, as I will be training hard is to drop 5-10lbs of fat over the next 6-8 weeks and would really love some feedback from the experienced people on this site, as i know there are a ton of you :). Motivation isn’t the problem, ill be busting my ass everyday. Oh, I am also currently using HOT-ROX. Started yesterday using 1 cap 2x daily.

Everything is most likely going to be tweeked and changed as i go along but here’s the current plan.

Monday - 12pm Wrestling /w clay, 5pm practice
Tuesday - AM weights, PM Practice
Wednesday - 12pm wrestling /w clay
Thursday - Recovery run, practice
Friday - AM weights, practice
Saturday - Technique /w sean, explosive stuff
Sunday - Rest or recovery run.

and the log so far. my main problem that i’ve realized is my cals, they seem much to low for my activity and im wonder what i should do, gaining weight horrifies me. should i slowly progress upwards then back down? Or perhaps just throw on an extra 500, as my body will be using them anyways and might buffer any fat gain.

Tuesdays workout
135 x 12
185 x 12
225 x 8 x 2
285 x 5 x 2

115 x 12
135 x 9
155 x 8
155 x 6

Chin ups, 5 sets of 5

Thursday, July 12/07

9am - Shake - 1cup oatmeal, 400ml skim milk, 1scoup protein approx 600cals, 50g protein
10am-11:30am - was exausted from only getting 7.5hours of sleep, took a nap
11:40am - 1 Cap of HOT-ROX, seemed to wake me up immidately.

12pm - Went for a run to my school to pick up my transcript, felt a lot more hot as it was
windy out and i wasn’t running very hard but i was sweating a lot, probably a good sign.
Spit seemed very dry very early into the run, need to drink more water
13minutes there, 11minutes back
took a longer way on my way back and pushed harder.

1pm - 2 Apple + carrots + water. Roughly 350cals.
No cottage cheese, or cheese in fridge, fack.
3:30pm - 1cup allbran original + canned chicken. 38g protein, 390cals
my body seems to have recovered from the effects of HOT-ROX, at least from what i noticed.
the visable temp increase seems to last about 3-4hours.
5pm - 6:20pm Wrestling practice , took one cap at 5pm, hottest temp seems to be 2 hours
later no huge side effects other then cramping. Feels like a more calm ECA

6:30pm - PWO Shake, 300cals, 30g protein
7:50pm - Flank steak with salad beans and mushrooms. 250cals, 45g protein
10pm - 2 pork cutlets with beans and mushrooms. 300cals, 30g protein.

Total - 2300 cals, 210g carbs, 200g protein

Friday, July 13/07

9:45am - 1cap HOT-ROX, 500ml water
10:30am - Shake, 600cals, 50g protein
30 minute bikeride to the university.

11:10am Weight session.
Cleans - 115 x 10, 135 x 8, 155 x 6, 165 x 4, 165 x 5
Bench - 115 x 12, 135x 12, 165 x 8*, 185 x 4*
Rows - 45 x 10, 60 x 12, 70 x 8, 80 x 6, 90 x 5

Nosebled between 165 and 185 bench which sucked ass because i was gonna shatter a PR :frowning:
but then got cooled down, i prolly wouldve hit 185 x 6. Two PR’s for me today both on the
cleans and bench. HOT-ROX seems to be most effective 2hours after ingested. Great weight
session. Drank 500ml water during workout

PWO shake - 300cals, 30g protein
30minute bikeride back home,
1:15pm - Apple, 100cals…1L water
2:25pm - Chilli, 500cals, 40g protein, 500ml water
4:10pm - All bran original + canned chicken, 500ml water, one HOT-ROX. 400cals, 40g protein
6:30pm - PWO shake, 300cals, 30g protein, about 1L of water during practice
Weighed in at 71.5kg, +.2kg up, which i would say is very good consindering all
the food/water ingested since last weigh in
7:30pm - 125g cottage cheese + glass of milk, 200cals 20g protein

I agree with you that your calories are way too low. If your conscious about gaining body fat, up your calories about 500 every couple of weeks and see how your body is affected. You also need more calories earlier in the day. You are depriving your body of protein from 9:30-3:30.

I would add an moderately sized meal consisting of protein and complex carbs at around 11:30-12. This shouldn’t lead to any significant fat gain. I would slowly increase your calories to around 3000 total.

That first day I didn’t have any protein because nothing was avalible at the time and i knew i would be having my pre workout meal soon anyways so i just got some carbs into the body. I am going to increase about 500cals right now and hope my body handles it well. I will be updating this daily with my full logs.

Saturday July 14/07
In an attempt to get my body back to where it should be running calorie wise, im going to be
upping the cals to 2700-3000 depending on what im doing that day and trying to cut out as
much cardio as I can.

9:45am - 1 cap HOT-ROX, 500ml water
10:15am - Oatmeal shake, 600cals, 45g protein

11:45am - My partner did not show up to wrestle, so that was a bust, however a friend
came and I lifted a little bit. 5sets of military press, 5sets of bicep burls supersetted
with hammer curls, a few sets of chin ups and about 8mins on the rowing machine. Nothing
to heavy but better then nothing. Body seems to be doing ok with the excess cals, todays
goal is 2700.

Weighed in at 71.4kg, my body seems to like that number, but since im
increasing my cals consistant numbering is good for now.

12:45pm - PWO Shake + Apple 400cals, 30g protein
1:30pm - 500ml water
2:40pm - 125g cottage cheese, banana, yourgart. 400cals, 20g protein
4:00pm - 1L water, one cap HOT-ROX
5:55pm - Chilli 600cals, 50g protein

Currently I am going to cut down my activity a little bit and let my body adjust to the added
calories. As it gets into weeks 3,4,5 I will be adding more sets/workouts/sprinting.

11:30pm - Later then I wanted to eat but I went out, still got the cals in, Egg n Cheese
omelette, 600cals, 45g protein + 500ml water

2600 Calories, 190g protein, 210g carbs 2.5L water

Sunday July 15/07
10:30pm - Oatmeal shake, 600cals, 45g protein
11:30pm - 500ml water
1:10pm - 250g cottage cheese, banana, granola bar. 475cals, 30g protein, 500ml water
2:20pm - one cap HOT-ROX, 500ml water
5:00pm - 2 cans of chunky soup, 500cals (65g carbs, 40g protein), 500ml water
8:15pm - 4 egg cheese omelette /w ricotta cheese and cucumbers 600cals, 50g protein + 500ml water
8:20pm - 1 cap HOT-ROX, crap i forgot your supposed to take it on an empty stomach
11:20pm - BFs (big fucking salad) + 500ml water 500 calories, 30g protein

2700 calories 195g protein, 220g carbs, 3L of water

I am currently worried if i keep using eggs/cheese to fill my requirements of cals, i will die but
ill be a mean looking corpse

Monday July 16/07
9:00am - 1 cap HOT-ROX, 750ml water
10:00am - Oatmeal shake, 600cals 45g protein
12:00pm - 6-7 sets of chin ups, about 10mins rowing and 1hour some wrestling with clay
1:35pm - Shake + apple, 400cals, 30g protein
2:00pm - 125g Cottage cheese, 2.5tbsp PB, yourgart & banana mixed into a delish pasty
goodness, 600cals, 30g protein, 65g carbs
4:00pm - 1 cap Hot-Rox, 500ml water
4:20pm - 500ml water, allbran, canned chicken. 300calories, 30g protein
5:00pm - Wrestling practice, weight is down to 70.2kg, granted some of it is water weight
but im amazed im actually losing it so quickly. 750 ml at practice
7:00pm - PWO Shake, 300calories, 30g protein
9:00pm - PB + Cottage cheese (400cals, 35g protein), 1000ml water
11:20pm - A few chicken balls and dried meat stuff 500 calories, 45g protein, 500ml

3100 calories, 245g protein, 290g carbs, 3.75L water

Tuesday July 17/07
10:05am - 1 cap HOT-ROX 750ml water
10:45am - Oatmeal shake, 600cals, 45g protein
11:00am - Workout,750ml water
12:20pm - PWO Shake + Apple 400cals, 30g protein
1:30pm - Cheat meal #2 for the week, approx 600 cals of chinese noodles + tuna. 40g protein
500ml water
3:50pm - 1 cap HOT-ROX, 500ml water
4:15pm - Chicken & allbran - 300cals 30g protein, 500ml water

Practice - 1.5h, 750ml water
6:45pm - PWO shake - 300cals 30g protein
7:30pm - Roastbeef with a lil bit of potatoes and cucumbers 500 calories, 55g protein
9:25pm - Trail mix 400cals, 15g protein, 500ml water

3100 calories, 245g protein, 300g carbs, 3.75L

Wednesday July 18/07
10:45pm - 1 cap HOT-ROX, 250ml water
11:00pm - Oatmeal shake, 600cals, 50g protein, 250ml water
12:45pm - Yourgart, Honeydew, Tuna 400cals, 35g protein, 500ml water
3:20pm - 30minute run
4:10pm - shake 300cals, 30g protein
X pm - 3 slices bacon, 200cals, 15g protein, bunch of cucumbers and green peppers
5:30pm - 1cap HOT-ROX, 1L water
5:50pm - Chilli, 300 cals, 30g protein
7:50pm - Roast beef & cucumbers 400cals, 80g protein
9:40pm - Roast beef with ricotta cheese 400cals, 60g protein, 500ml water
2600cals, 290g protein, 170g carbs, 3L water