A T-Man Passes Away

Just want to let everyone know that this weekend a TRUE T-MAN passed away.No he didn’t weight train. He was simply a LEGEND. We’ll miss you DALE EARNHARDT!!!

Good call, Logan. He may not have hit the iron at a gym (for all I know he may have done some squats in his lifetime), but any man who risks his life day in and day out because that’s what he loves and lives to do, is a T-Man in my book. Dale was not just any driver either. The man always had one thing on his mind and in his heart, and that was to be the best he could and win every damn race. He is a true inspiration to anyone. He passed away doing what he loved. It was ironic, however, that the reason he was involved in the crash was because he was looking out for his teammate, trying to protect his lead. One helluva T-Man!

Amen brothers.

We’ll Miss You Dale!
Rest in Peace

I was never much of an Earnhardt fan, but I got all the respect in the world for the guy he was on helluva competitor…rest in peace Dale, you are greatly missed.