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A T-Man Is Born

It?s my first time posting despite scouring the site just about everyday for 5 months. Just wanted to start by praising this site and its members both of which seem to be head and shoulders above the fitness crowd and its pseudoscience. I'm sure of this because, regrettably, before 5 months ago I was an avid reader of bodybuilding.com... yikes. 

Well now I know better and I’ve decided to get serious with training so along with introducing myself I’d like to see if I could get some thoughts on a plan I’ve put together. I appreciate any corrections/comments you can give me.

My program has come almost entirely from T-Nation. My periodization is still a little up in the air because that it one aspect of training I just cant seem to grasp. Also just to clarify my numbers are:

Bench: 250 (not a recent max)
Squat: 415
Deadlift 335

Just got off the V diet went from 195-172

Well here goes…

Goal: Functional Hypertrophy

Diet: Guidelines

Phase 1 (4-6 weeks) cutting to sub 10% (little bit more to lose):
Calories: 2200/2500 (off/training) 365/415 kcals a meal
Tapered calories and carbs as day goes on.
Tapered glycemic index of carbs as day goes on.
6 meals a day
About 100 g carbs on off 150 on training
Macro focus on healthy fats.
High GI carbs before and after workout (Surge)

Phase 2 (forever?) Clean bulk
Calories: 2800/3200 470/530 kcals a meal (I put on weight at a pretty low calorie level)
Tapered carbs and calories
Tapered GI index of carbs
Moderate intake of moderate GI carbs on training days.
Pre/Post drink
Lower to moderate carb off days
Focus on Balance of low GI carbs Lean protein and healthy fat.

Forearm emphasis throughout (lagging group)
Still trying to figure out exact reps/advanced movements (eccentrics, forced reps, etc…)
Fractured A/B split Upper/Lower 4 sessions a week

A1: Primary lifting upper

Forearms: DB wrist rotations x 2 Reverse wrist curls x 3 Extensions? X 3 (cant remember the name works the front of the fore arm)

Shoulders: Push press x 4

Chest BB bench x 2 Db bench incline/decline 2/2

Triceps: Close grip bench press x 2 dips wide/narrow 2/2

Biceps: Standing BB curl x 3 Hammer curls x 2 db curls x 1

Back: Chins x 2 Pull-ups x 2 Iso pullover machine x 2

B1 Quad dom lower

Front Squats x 4
Leg ext x 3
Half squats x 2
Iso squats high position against rack x 2

Calves: Seated/standing raises x 2/2 donkey raises x 1

Abs: Bridges, crunches on ball, medicine ball crunches x 2/2/2

A2: Secondary Lifting Upper

Forearms: Seated finger curls x 2, DB wrist curls x 3 Captains of Crush gripper x 3,

Biceps: Wide grip elbows in preacher x 2 Incline curls x 2

Shoulders: Leaning lateral raises x 3
One armed db shoulder press x 2 One armed shrugs x 2

Back: Bent over BB rows x 2 seated rows wide grip x 3 parallel grip chins (super slow) 1 x 10

Chest: DB flys x 3 Pushups feet on ball x 2 Clap push-ups x 2 one-arm db bench x 2

Triceps: One-arm Cable triceps extensions x 2 Skull crushers on incline x 2 Overhead triceps extensions w/ DB x 1

B2: Hip Dominant lower
Deadlift x 3
Stiff legged DL x 2
Full Squats x 3
Leg curls x 3
Abductor/extensor machine superset x 2
1 legged full squats x 2

Calves: same a B1

Weighted ankle flexions.

Abs: Knee ups/crunches/leg throws 2/2/2

Well that?s my plan. The numbers refer to sets. Tempo rep/range/speed still up in the air. Thanks again for any help and sorry for butchering the names of so many exercises I just didn’t feel like looking them up, hope you can get the idea though.

V Diet?


You lose alot of strength on the V diet?

Either you’re squatting high or you’re not even trying on deadlifts. Probably the former. Or maybe these numbers are just made up; that’s possible too.

You definitely do not want to be doing DL, SLDL, Squats, Leg curls, abductors, extensions, and 1 legged squats in one session. That’s absolutely insane. Just squats and leg curls would be fine. Your other lower body day is goofy too but not quite as crazy.

It’s usually considered dumb to train biceps before upper back because a lot of people have a hard enough time getting lat action without their biceps being already exhausted. This may not matter though.

You could really drastically simplify your plan and cut out a lot of the BS and do just as well if not better. But I understand the urge to overthink things. Everyone does it. Especially me.

It wasn’t for the “abs” or the “ladies” I know i wasn’t heavy at all at 192 but All I wanted to do and want to do is get sub 10% and start over with clean gains. Bulking phases for me in the past consisted of “see food” diets I want to be more refined this time around and put weight on at a better ratio.

as to strength losses My bench hasn’t yet fully recovered I’m a bit scared to max. all my other numbers actually improved however.

how long have you been training?

You mentioned periodization as being something that still alluded you, try reading these if you haven’t yet and want to learn more about it

Periodization bible parts 1 and 2 -



Why periodization doesn’t work -


Periodization Nuts and Bolts -


About the numbers: I learned to lift in high school in a pretty respectable lifting program. Maybe my squats are high I just kept the high school habit of the gap between the back of the knee and the hamstring disappearing meaning a “low enough squat” I am also proportioned fairly well for squating and like to think I have good form. Thats not even to say that 415 is really anything to celebrate. And about the deadlift I have really long standing sciatic nerve trouble since high school ball and my deadlift has suffered. Thanks for the advice I have been on a pretty spartan program for a real long time and was just trying to mix it up a little bit.

Also my ordering is completly irrelevant those are just the exercises im still looking to figure out the right order.

I’ve been training for 4 years of high school (half-assed outside of Bench cleans and squat) with a year break and have been back at it for a year and 8 months.

Funny actually I’ve read all those articles before and I get them I just havent been able to get it to really “work” with anything but maximal phases. Thanks for the links though. the “why periodization doesn’t work” probably will make me feel better.