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A Supplement Stack for Mass


ok, so i'm a 25 yr hard-gainer/featherweight with high metabolism and my objective is to gain mass, increase testosterone and develop strength.

what i understand so far is to eat a lot of clean food for calories, sleep a lot, train hard, and supplement. got some of this data from crossfit.com and T-Nation.com

i'm primarily intaking veggies, fruits, meat, nuts, seeds, and lots of water.

now on to questions..

according to an article on here, a good stack for a pansy-ass like me would be 'the nookie stack'. since i'm trying to shift gears from boyish to manly.

planning to get Superfood for use in addition to intake of whole foods as listed above, and Flameout although i might start with some quality fish oil.

then there's the ZMA and Rez-V.

should this be sufficient or might i want to add TRIBEX or 'Alpha Male' also?

and thirdly, i'm considering supplementing for bulk with 'cytogainer', though i've learned of Grow! Whey which seems good too.

so, does this sound like an apropos strategy?

i suppose i'm looking for suggestions and comments, since i'm fresh on the scene and haven't much experience at present.

data is much appreciated


Your foods (except for the meat) are more like foods for dieting down.

You are likely to need more carbs than this, by which I don't mean more fruit. Some fruit is healthy and beneficial. Nothing wrong and there's much good in having an apple for a snack or whatever.

But as a high percentage of caloric intake for someone trying to gain, no.

Most vegetables have no hope of providing sufficient calories or carbs.

An example of a food that will get you there is one of the lower-fat brands of pizza.

A good pre and postworkout drink followed an hour after the PWO drink with 5 or 6 slices of a nutritionally-good-quality pizza will do a lot more for your mass gains than fruits and veggies.


It's funny you mention that, because I was thinking of Zephead ... he added a whole pizza to his daily diet. Well, it worked for him.

OP, it looks like you are looking for the magic combination of supplements, but it doesn't exist. Food and a protein supplement are what I recommend.


What are some good 'healthy' pizzas?


One you make yourself.

I made one this weekend.

Whole wheat dough
Good cheese (I made stuffed crust)
Low sugar sauce
Marinated Chicken in Buffalo Sauce
Turkey Pepperoni

You can also use things like Ham, lean ground beef, veggies etc...

OP: If your 25 you probably don't need any T-booster. Unless your t-levels are severely low; but that's for your Dr. to answer.

If your a 'featherweight' and looking to add size; eat more.


CiCi's beef pizza is not bad.

The published nutritional info is, per 5 slices (arbitrary choice there) buffet pizza:

Calories 848, protein 47 g, carbs 91 g, fat 32.5 g (34.5% of calories from fat.)

Hungry Howie's is quite good nutritionally when made according to the standard method. Some individual outlets choose to make their pizza much greasier however.

The published nutritional info is, per 4 slices (arbitrarily chosen for similar total protein content to the CiCi's example above) large cheese pizza:

Calories 832, protein 49 g, carbs 101 g, fat 19.6 g (21.2% of calories from fat.)


awesome, i do like pizza! yum'yum

as for protein drinks, i'm debating between Grow!, cytogainer, and myoplex

i might supplement with less than the suggested dose of t-booster, with a stack comprised of ZMA and, either Alpha Male or TRIBEX?

so far great data!


Add some oats to your diet will do wonders for weight gains.


like simple rolled oats or some other type?


I really like Grow! whey. The flavor is a plain sweet taste. It is great to use as a base for non-meat based meals. It does WONDERS to a plain old bowl of oatmeal.

3 scoops of Grow!, a cup of oats, 1/2 a cup of walnuts. 1060 calories right there. Throw in some frozen blueberries for more flavor, another 100 cals or so. Protein, starch, fruit/veg, fat in a high calorie healthy meal.

Natural Peanut Butter is your friend.

Get the tubs of oats where the ONLY ingredient is the oats themselves.

Another great way to get quality calories are smoothies. 3 scoops Grow!, a couple bananas, frozen blueberries/strawberries etc, plain yogurt, 4 scoops Natty PB. 1200 calories, healthy and fucking delicious.

Buffets are also your friend.

Forget about veggies while trying to gain serious mass. All they are going to do is fill you up with the volume and high fiber content without caloric density.

Apples and high fiber fruits are going to suck the fuck out of your appetite. Save them for bedtime.

The best time to eat shit is as soon as you can after a work out.

Lift heavy shit.


Just did some forum browsing and Grow! Whey is looking better by the minute. But what's this? Metabolic Drive?

Could one utilize Metabolic Drive in the same way as Grow! Whey, as described in those neat suggestions above?

And lastly, regarding which T-booster to include with REZ-V and ZMA,

Alpha Male or TRIBEX? For a featherweight who may not need much T-boosting but wants to T-boost some.


Apart from being absorbed slower, the difference is that MD is meant more as a meal replacement, rather than just a way to get some extra protein. If you have the money, go for MD, but if not whey should be fine.


This isn't true.

Both Grow! Whey and Metabolic Drive Low-Carb Protein Shake are protein powders with very little carbohydrates or fats.

Metabolic Drive Complete is an MRP.


And Metabolic Drive (Low-Carb or Complete) taste A LOT better than Grow! Whey. I can't stomach that stuff.

Not to mention that Metabolic Drive has a mix of proteins and not just whey. Your best bet is to stick with Metabolic Drive or use both. Use Grow! Whey in the mornings when waking up or post-workout and then use Metabolic Drive between meals and at night before bed.

As for what else to use, I would only recommend Surge and maybe Creatine and ZMA. The other supplements you listed are not really going to do a whole lot for mass, as mass is going to come from food, enough calories and training hard.


just eat some more fucking dense food, pb, pizza as mentioned, beef, whole milk nuts etc...


ok what I'm probably do for mass is either Metabolic Drive or Grow! Whey (till I can afford both).

will also be lookin' into the creatine, L-Leucine, SURGE Recovery, Z-12, and Rhodiola Rosea.

I weigh around 130 lbs and don't have much work out experience. how do I intelligently use this magic?

mass aside, for test, I'm probably do ZMA, Rez-V and TRIBEX Gold!

much thanks for the sound data! now I just needs ta find a steady job! and train hard!

by the way, for what it's worth, ocean veggies and hemp are good shit!


yep, that and peanut butter and honey sandwiches with about half an inch of peanut butter on them. :).

you can eat veggies for your health, but calories are king.


stop right there. Eat 2500 calories a day, PLUS a whole pizza EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next 6 months. Then you should start worrying about something other then protein. Trust me, I'm saving you a ton of money for shit that won't make a difference at where you are.



so then! based on what i've read, eating a lot a lot more and vigorously training regularly is the way to go.

and since i do want to experiment some Biotest goods, ZMA, Rhodiola Rosea, and Rez-V for now.

next on my list will likely be Flameout, SURGE Recovery, and some Z-12 for good measure.


I strongly suggest avoiding supplements for now except whey protein, and optionally: a multivitamin, and creatine.

Spend your money on food, gym equipment (straps, belt), or better yet SAVE YOUR MONEY.