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A Summer of W4SB, Now What?


Main objectives, in the long run:
1. Power
2. Quickness
3. Endurance
4. Strength

I would write aesthetics as 3, but I know that the looks will be there when all the pieces to the puzzle are in place.

When I began the program; 20/6:
Height: 160 lbs
Height: 5'11-6 feet
Bodyfat: 10-13 %
Weight training experience: Sporadic, maybe 10 times total in my life before I began W4SB

Atg squat: 5 x 148 lbs/66 kg
Dips: 5 x +22 lbs/10 kg
Chins: about 9 or 10

Little more than a month later, as of 25/7:
Age: same
Weight: 171 lbs
Height: probably same, or a tiny bit higher
Bodyfat: 13-15 %

5RM atg squat: 182 lbs/82,5 kg
5RM weighted dips: +50 ls/22,5 kg
Chins: approx 10 or 11

Okay, so I've been doing W4SB during the summer, and I'm very happy with the result. I've recently switched up the exercise selections (after 4-6 weeks with the "old" one). During the summer, a two week would typically look like this:

week 1
mon: low ME
wed: upper ME
fri: low ME

week 2
mon upper repetition
wed low ME
fri: upper ME

(Yeah, I know the W4SB weekly schedule is slightly different, but I thought there was too little work for the legs, so I changed it up a little)

Now, if I could go on like this infinitely, all would be well. Problem is, my body is showing signs of fatigue now that I'm in in-season. I'm thinking that the reason why is cuz my body can't handle the same load, now that I'm getting significantly less rest and a boat load of high intensity anaerobic activities (outside of weight lifting) ontop of that.

I'm currently in a deload phase, maybe I'll take this week off, who knows? Anyway, that's not why I need your expertise. I was thinking (because I don't want to fall into the same overreaching-trap again) wouldn't the solution be to cut down on the volume, and maybe crank up the intensity just a small notch? The idea is to switch to a twice a week full body workout instead of the three days a week W4SB-split routine. So, without further ado, here's what I came up with:

Tuesday, Heavy push/hip dominant movement

Deadlift 3x5

Bulgarian split squats 2x10

Bench press/weighted dips 2x5

One arm dumbbell row 3x12

Abs and neck

Saturday, Heavy pull/knee dominant movement

Full squat

One-legged Romanian deadlift

Weighted chins

Bodyweight dips
3 x max reps

Isolation work: Abs/grip/lower back/neck

And by the way, a normal week with W4SB might look like this:

Monday: 2 h basketball, W4SB
Tuesday: Rest/light aerobic work
Wednesday: W4SB
Thursday: Rest/light aerobic work
Friday: 1,5 h anaerobic, W4SB
Saturday: Rest/Light aerobic work
Sunday: Rest

Comments are very welcome.

All the best


From what I've read, DeFranco recommends total body training two days per week when in-season.


Well, ME work in-season is probably not the best option since it is most draining on the CNS, which you need for coordination and performance. I'd say take Defranco at his word for in-season work.

Also, you might consider running a repetition day for lower body during off-season instead of 2 ME days for legs and 1 ME/ 1RE day for upper body. You'll still train them twice, but you'll get to train more attributes.

Also, is that "typical WS4SB week" in season or out of season? You have 1 day of total rest and 3 days of light aerobic work/rest. I might say to go 2 and 2 on those days. It's easier to maintain aerobic conditioning than it is to build it, so 2 days a week may be enough. Only you can be the final judge. Nice work on the progress over the summer. I bet it feels good.

I personally like that total body layout. Bottom line is that you can change anything you like after a few weeks of testing it out if you feel it's just wrong. Just don't get in the habit of doing that all the time (you have to let the plan have enough time to work before you can say it sucks). Good luck


I'm listening. When you're saying repetition for lower body, do you mean a high repetition speed day, to develop power endurance, or do you mean a pure speed workout focusing on bar speed and quality reps?

That's actually in-season. Embarassingly enough, It's a more grueling week training-wise than the ones I had during the summer (AND I had alot more time for rest during the off-season). With that in mind, it's probably no wonder that I'm overreaching at the moment.

I feel very good about the progress. I haven't done any kind of formal tests (speed, vert, SLJ), but when I was jumping around in the court, my vert hadn't increased more than maybe 0,5-1 inch :/, so that's a disappointment. I rank linear explosiveness and power miles above my vertical jump height, so it's no big deal. Hopefully it'll come with future speed work/plyos.

Alright. I realize it's hard for you guys to comment on my workout because you don't know my strengths and weaknesses, but I'll ask anyway: nothing specific that you'd change if you were in my place? Volume/intensity?

Something that came to mind: I'm thinking that it's best to wait and see what W4SB III has to offer before I begin this fully body workout. I've heard that it includes an in-season plan too, so I'm excited.

And sry about the late answer.


The goal during the season is to maintain your strength and that can be done with a third of the volume of your current routine. The amount of volume you are doing during the offseason is way too taxing for the cns during the season. I recommend two whole body workouts per week with much less volume and not as much intensity.