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A Suitable AM/PM Split

Haven’t found many authors here at T-Nation who are fans of AM/PM muscle group splits, but I’ve been working out constantly for ~6 months now (just finished a modified Westside program), and am looking for something a little more intense.

Found some AM/PM splits in Waterbury’s HFS, but that’s not my kinda scene.

Anybody else know of some onsite routines that might help?


With AM/PM splits you have to figure out what your goal is. Some people use AM/PM splits because they want to up volume. Some want to up frequency. Some people just like to get the extra metabolic rise.

I suggest you check out Chads article that tells you how to build your own high frequency system.


There are some 2-a-day program(s) in Arnolds Modern Encyclopedia.

Just out of curiosity? What about the Waterbury HFT isnt your “scene”? If your scene is building muscle, then I think you would be well served in those programs.

CT has many as of late. Check out his HSS-100. Also his article on Eastern Block Bodybuilding. Another gem from a few years ago is the Growth Surge Project, written for use with MAG-10 but IMO its doable with enough food and rest.

Just use the search function and those should be easy enough to find,

no offense but i doubt you have deloped the work capcity to start traing twice daily if youve only been traing for 6 months