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A Successful Bowflex Circuit?


Does anybody know of a successful circuit with a bowflex trainer?




20min a day x 3 times a week.



"I'm 41 years old and I'm a rockstar"





That guy looks like montel williams too!


yeah, these are Bowflex guns


Here's one:

  1. Take a photo of Bowflex machine.

  2. Post photo on Ebay.

  3. Sell to first bidder.

  4. Spend money on gym membership.

  5. Repeat if necessary.


Man, throw that Bowflex in the trash. We all know in order build a set of guns is through Chuck Norris' Total Gym.


You want an honest opinion?

Put the bowflex together.

Bring a can with a closable lid in from the garage.

Put a length of string in the can, leave about 5 inches out of the top.

Fill the can with gasoline, close the lid except for the string.

Douse the Bowlex in gasoline, dip the string in gasoline, then throw a match on it.

This is best done outside.

For best results, sprint after lighting the match.


lift the thing over your head repeatedly, drag it around on a sled etc


OK, all jokes aside I used my Bowflex as an aerobic/weight loss tool and It helped me loose 90 pounds. After my initial weight loss then I joined a gym and now my Bowflex is used to hang shit off of.....


You've been a member since April 2006?


Tony Little was actually a very good bodybuilder.I remember reading an article about him losing by only 1 point to (I think) Lee Haney.He got into a car accident and it ended his bodybuilding dreams.He looked great, but it didn't have anything to do with the Gazelle :slight_smile:


are you sure about that?


Naww, looks like he's got a Puerto Rican woman's ass as a side-effect of being such a hardcore Gazelle trainer.


maybe that's all they have in Maine?


He looked more like that "Dual Action Cleanse" guy


nvm... more like Montel.



I've never used one but I imagine a rank beginner can make some gains on the bowflex, am I wrong?

Judging by the responses I probably am.