A Strongman Gear & Competition Guide

I know we have the wonderful PL Gear Guide threads but the aim of this thread would be for Strongmen & Women to discuss the gear they use either in or out of competition as well as their preferences.

Ie; Not only I bought Suit X and it’s great because It increased my squat by 100lbs but…

I prefer Suit X for this reason and that event. Also whenever I do Y event I always wear Z gear because it helps me do …

NB: I am looking for a guide to the rules of IFSA competitions as I heard that you cant wear the Neoprene back supports under belts anymore? (Hopefully this isn’t the case).

ASIDE: There’s a great comp going in August. It’s the International Strongest Man of Switzerland. It’s called International to allow for many more participants (outside of Switzerland) and is held in Zurich on August 15th-16th.

Switzerland is awesome in the Summer so it could make for great holidays :wink:

There’s A “Newcomer” Cup and the Normal Full Scale Comp.

Newcomer Cup Events:

Loglift - Maximum
Farmers Walk - 100kg - 30 Metre course
Conan Weel - 270kg
Tire Flips - 300kg

Normal Cup Events:
Log Lift - Maximum
“Stones of Strength” - No idea what those are.
Wheel Flip - 6 x 350kg
Conan Wheel - 360kg
Hercules Hold - 2 Cars 1 Tonne
Loading - Barell/Sandbags/Stones

For Poundages multiply by 2.2

ie, 1 kg = 2.2 lbs

For more Info check out:

and to sign up for the newcomer cup:

normal cup:

This is just what I use…

Rehband warm pants. Couldn’t imagine lifting without them.

Rehband knee sleeves and elbow sleeves. I haven’t been using the elbow sleeves lately as I have outgrown them.

Rehband back support. I use this for log press, keg carry, tire flip.

Normal power belt for all the normal things…

Ironmind straps. They have held up well. I think they could be longer for axle events (don’t really get why they ever allow straps for an axle though.)

Metal Pro deadlifter. Works great hit a 60lb PR in it.

Jack Tack. I have tried this and personally prefer it over Elite tacky. Others may disagree but personally it has worked better for me.

Metal all black wrist wraps Just awesome.

All I can think of right now.