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A Stronger Snatch 2011


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well 2010 was a rough year for me. summer marked the end of a 9 year relationship and i spent the second half of the year doing my best not to crawl into a hole and die. my biggest goals were just not drowning all my feelings in a bottle or food and trying to get my mind in a positive place. i hit the gym quite a bit.... but there were also lots of lulls and i was working so many hours that fitness was definitely on a backburner. 2011 is gonna be a different story.

some 2011 goals:

  • turn 30 the leanest i've been in my adult life
  • bw military press
  • 325 lb dl for a triple
  • not get drunk once this year
  • 190 lb front squat
  • 75 lb db snatch
  • mobility/flexibility improvement
  • secure career position
  • focus on inner peace/positivity/happiness etc.

these are pretty damn lofty and are going to take some serious hard work, discipline, excellent nutrition and recovery, and a high level of motivation. but i'm gonna give it my best and get em all.


yesterday's workout:

broomstick ohsqs
front squat: 45 x 10; 65 x 8; 85 x 6; 105 x 3; 125 x 2; 145 x 1
box squat: 115 x 6; 135 x 3; 155 x 1; 115 x 6
leg press: 225 x 8; 275 x 8, 8, 8
rev db lunges: 35's x 6L/6R, 6L6R


short term goals for the month of january are:

  • 65 lb db snatch
  • fat loss
  • focus on getting general strength back to previous levels
  • no more than 3 beers in one day and 9 in a week


happy dance

a lot of good goals for 2011 :slight_smile:


hmmm... not too sure abt the beer goals...

cereally though, i get it.

and i like em all.


Loving the goals, got all the aspects of health and fitness covered.

Forget 2010. 2011 will definetely be a different story.


yah bear the beer one is gonna suck since i'm such a beer lover.... but i have no doubt it's something i've simply GOT to do.

thanks nikki and nancy! damn ya'll sound hot together. lol

upper workout:

shoulder circuit, broomstick ohsqs
bb military press: 45 x 10; 65 x 8; 85 x 5; 95 x 2; 100 x 1 (barely!); 80 x 6, 6
db rows: 65 x 12L/12R; 75 x 10L/10R, 10L/10R
seated db press: 30's x 8; 35's x 6, 6
db incline press (40's) ss w/bw pullups: 5/4, 5/3, 5/3
db snatch: 40 x 5L/5R; 45 x 3L/3R; 50 x 2L/2R; 55 x 1L/1R; 60 x 1L/1R (PR); 50 x 8R/6L
seated cable row: 80 x 12, 12, 12
lat pulls ss w/tricep rope pulldowns: 70/50 x 10/10, 10/10, 10/10

i was stoked as hell on the db snatches at 60. the left one came up way easier than i thought it would.

getting more torso definition.... but still don't feel comfortable wearing a wifebeater and workout pants. still too muffintoppy and bulgy around the middle. damn not having womanly hips!


awesome front squatting and pressing (inspiring for me). sorry to hear about the relationship, stuff like that can be really hard. hoping this year is a LOT better for you.


yeah deja!! this year will be splendid!! :slight_smile: you've got a lot to be proud of already :)!

you always will be my deadlift all star hero...and so much more! you've very powerful--> 2011 will be SNATCHtastic


I look forward to 'watching,' you work toward your goals..

you can have some of my hips!


Awesome , a new journal for a new year...this one WILL rock for you :slightly_smiling:


Like your outlook for the year and your goals. Gonna watch from this spot right here, I'm rootin for ya!!


I gotta admit, the title of your log caught me off guard, but after reading your goals, I see that you're committed. I'm impressed with your goals.

Hope you don't mind if I join the group to monitor your progress.

Question, do you have a trainer or do you come up with your own programs?


thanks! this year will DEFINITELY be better. =+)

haha and who woulda thought putting snatch in my title would make posts show up quicker in here???

thanks bruteybaby!

i would LOVE some of your hips. nod nod nod.

hola edgy.

no trainer. i haven't even been to a real gym until this last month.... although i had a pretty legit set up at home (bench/cage/tire/sled/couple barbells/lotsa plates).

i've ran a couple programs. did quite a few rounds of 5/3/1 early in the year. the summer before i ran coan-phillipi deadlift.

but at the moment i'm just doing what i want while i get my strength levels back up. in the next week or so i'm gonna start back on 5/3/1 for front squat and military press. will probably do defecit deads as lower accessory work. and then alternate between triples and heavy singles for deadlift day with a bit of speed work. and then not sure what i'll do on bench day. we'll see.

anyways.... short answer... no trainer. lol

i'm also going to be moving across the country in the next couple months so that'll throw a bit of a wrench in my plans but hopefully i can find a new gym quickly and get right back in the game.

right now my main goal is fat loss. but i'm never one to put strength gains on the backburner. so i'll just do my best to have absolutely perfect nutrition, get lots of rest, stay on top of mobility work and leave my vagina home while i train. =+)


Loves it!!!!

Awesome title and determination - you rock deja!

I'll be following along as per usual. Can't wait to see what you bring.


Great log title. I'm routing for you. All the best in 2011.


A 60 lb. snatch is just so freakin' awesome! A stronger snatch, indeed!

Good riddance to 2010, hello 2011.


thanks ladies!

i can't believe i didn't mention all the fucking dental work in that opening post. guess i shoved that out of my mind. lol

so forgot to mention/ask this above.

my number one thing i need to work on is fixing my problem of my hips always rising first when i squat.

no matter how hard i try to keep my torso tight, chest proud, and lead with my upper out of the hole.... my hips rise first. i'm switching to front squats to try to get away with this even less.... but what other stuff should i be doing???? it happens as soon as there is any kind of weight on the bar.

my body = super short torso, long legs.

i spread the floor with my feet, keep the weight on my heels, have worked endlessly on hip mobility, do a ton of rowing, deadlifting, etc.

but yeah. HELP!!!


Are you sure your squat form is wrong?


Wow, chasing that 75 lb snatch on Jan 3rd. Looks like you need to set a higher bar ;D

I like hip drive as well, I don't do the chest thing lol
So Nadia may be on to something...