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A Strong Lower Back for the Adversity of Life

Hi, iam a nursing assistant, and i need to “lift peoples” some from their bed or chair and so on, even hold them with my arms, or strange position somethime. Because i feel somethime my lower back tired, i really also need to make a routine plank for sure.

I would like make a strong lower back for protect my body in this life, for the moment gym is still close but can u help me to find a good routine for train my lower back in house maybe in my day off 2/3 times i dtk what is enough, i will do like a say some plank, because maybe my trunk are not strong enough.

And i will a bit a routine stretching


Lower back at home…well you can buy a reverse hyper machine and use it for the obvious as well as pull throughs, both of which would strengthen your lower back. If you want to be cheap about it you can buy heavier bands and do banded good mornings for high reps, but this won’t be as effective.

This hits the lower back

If you need to, bend your legs

I will try to find a tutorial in youtube, doing that step by step, i got some fear with this aha.
How much “sets” ?

Kind of depends on how fatigued you are from the rest of life. 3-4. Build reps over time. Maybe start with

1 1 1 1
2 1 1 1
2 2 1 1
2 2 2 2
2 2 3 2
2 2 3 3
2 2 4 4
3 3 6 6

Or something like that. Maybe you can progress everyday in the beginning, and maybe later you’ll have to repeat a workout 2-3 times before progressing. Your body will be your guide.

Do you have bands? You can also use really anything for resistance for good mornings or SLDL - sand bags, cinder blocks, patients, etc.

What equipment do you have available? Do you have a kettlebell or dumbbell? If so, bell swings will train the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. I don’t know if you live in a city or the country. If you’re close to a forest, you can find a large rock or tree trunk, take it home, and do Zercher straight-legged deadlifts.

i can already do some stiffdeadlift in my house, i have dumbbell, barbell (50 kilo) but i feel that the problem is from my stomach also, i really need to have a routine vaccuum plank abs. it is not possible we what i do that my lower back arn’t strong or i dtk.

i will do some bridge in the each training in the last of my train 6-8 reps 3,4 sets can help also maybe

i had also band resistance, i know that when i work i can feel somethime my lower back tired, so i really want protect my back, but i dont want a to long training, i already training for the moment 3 x full body and 2x arms and work, i just wait gym open for do a split, that will be the best

You definitely need a good strong core, and strength is a great asset, but when you are moving another person, technique is king.

I was a home health aid for my brother for 10 years. He’s a 220+ lb. quadruplegic, and I was a 135 lb. 16 year old when I started.

Always Move their hips. The human center of gravity is (unless they’re an amputee) at the hips/mid belly. Use a transfer board when ever possible.

You don’t have to be that strong to move a person unless you dropped them on the floor. In that case you’re probably gonna get fired anyways and you don’t need to be very strong to get fired. Hence the transfer board.


Yes i really think thazt i need to make a strong core, even i will be more strong in the gym after that. i will try to make a routine core in day off or in the last of a session.

it is difficult to explain in english for me everythings, but for sure the skill are important, the technique, but somethile when i change them, i need to keep them standing, that is ok, but when i move them from the bed directly to standing, is a bit diffcult, some peoples are really " tense, nervous "

or when i need to give them some food, somethime a need to take them in a better position in the bed for eat, so i pull them behind the bed.

but i will work my technique for sure, unfortunelty somethime i need to be “fast” and i don’t like that, because we cant spend enough time with this old peoples and so on, i will study next years if i can, but i want to work when i can in a better place palliative care, and to be nurse maybe or social worker i still dtk.

what is a transfer board ? maybe if u have time and if u have some video that i can use, i will more understand.

u help your brother for a so long time, it is really nice and not so frequent, if i can ask u, u help him for everythings ? because ur parents was working ? and now, did u have some help for your brother ?
i really respect that, in this world it is rare, i hope i will be someone like that for my familly if something happen

Transfer board.


It’s good for moving a patient from a chair to bed and whatnot. The one pictured is wood, but the smooth plastic is better. Clothing fabric slides nicely across it and their butt just scoots right along.


For many things. Regular showering, bathroom stuff, dressing, food, medications, recreation, all of the stuff of life.

My father was a bit older and not really strong enough.

Eh, some. I was trained by his rehab so that he had a family member at home who could ensure his wellbeing.

We also had contracted workers who were provided by his veterans benefits (in the US it’s the VA, veterans administration) but they were usually sub par and lacked motivation. The good ones were great, but the bad ones were really very bad.

Thanks. It’s one of those things no one really plans on, but you find out if you got it when the time comes. It can be difficult to care for family, odd as that may seem. The emotional toll can be very high.


Yeah it depend after, if is body i can, but if it is head… But if i can for my parents i prefere to pay someone in the house, or just help my mom, it depend of i love or not, if i imagine that happen to my father i will not to be able o guess.

If u have ur one family is also difficult i guess, because of time.

"nursing home, residential care home " in this work i will not have this transfer board…

But i will improve my technique and i will find a better place when i can, thank for your advices and help

I will post my routine core train soon, i will try to make it with what u give me here and show u for see if is good or not

That look really useful, i will ask my boss and so on for that but u know the system… If i can buy one cheap i will try

After i need to think about that, and look for who is useful and possible, some of them have some mind pathology and they are really moving.

Also it is not “faster” so if is more slow than wear a person they will not accept.

The system are fuckup i think is the same in your country, we are not enough worker. I need to help clean and so on 10~ person by day, to take off or put them in the bed, it depend what time i start to work.

Your transfer board are great, but if is not fast they will dont care about Us, it is for that i will change when i can, because i prefere help and spend time with 5 person and to have the time.

A lot of place is like a industry of helping old peoples is fucking sad

Bur they use something like a belt and that can also help for carry, but still that will be more slow to just come and carry… They dont give a F… If i lost my back, they are stupid because they have a lot of turn over but still they don’t want do something better for the workers, always worker lost their health for money

This is a dumbbell deadlift with a Wide Stance, or with the feet far apart. Moves like this can teach you to push your feet Out, and lift with your hips and legs and not use your lower back, so you don’t get hurt.

Here’s a similar move with a barbell.

This one is a “Suitcase Walk,” to strengthen your abs and obliques and resist twisting or leaning under a load.

Here is the “Zercher Good morning.” The bar is in your arms, similar to the way you might lift someone. This lift can build your lower back and hamstrings. And it can help with upper back strength and stability. If your upper back slumps or folds over it puts more strain on your lower back, and that can make it round over and cause injury.

Working with the neck harness can also help keep the upper back strong and upright to prevent lower back rounding when you bend over.


Thank i will put them in my program.

For the harness is not so good for the neck no ? And if u just work one side with the harness is only the back of the neck, isn’t not bad for the equilibrium ? That can make damage if i do only one “side” ?

I heard a lot about zercher that is really good exercise, when i will training Split, i will use all of the exercises that u send

For the deadlift long time ago they explain me that is clearly not for me because of my " lever " i dtk if for sumo is the same, but I don’t want take the risk maybe

For the oblique this exercice seems very good also wood chopper twist

Is good 2 exercices for “medium” abs and 2 for oblique short time rest and a lot of rep be 4/6 sets

I do not believe that using the neck harness is bad for your neck. I don’t believe that working the “back” of your neck is a problem. Many people have tightness in the front and weakness in the back, so using the harness will balance things out, and make your neck Healthier. It’s also not just for your neck, working in the harness will also make your upper back stronger. Just start out light.

If you’re tall and slender, or you have Long Levers deadlifting might be an issue, you don’t have to do it. But if you’re going to be bending over and lifting, you might consider practicing with weights in the gym.

1 or 2 moves for your obliques and 1 or 2 moves for your middle abs or “Six Pack” would be good. Short rests work great for abs.


Ok ok thank for all of your advices, i will try to find a harness and show u before to buy.

Maybe deadlift with trap bar are good ? Or just dumbbell if my lever are bad ?

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I thought that you already had the harness for neck exercises. Don’t let me pressure you into buying anything! If you want to buy one that’s OK, but it’s not mandatory.

Some people love the Trap Bar. Personally, I don’t like it. I guess give it a try and see what you think.

If deadlifts are a problem for your back I would use dumbbells and start at the top, standing up strong. Then hinge and lower the dumbbells under control, and stop just above your knees. Make sure you feel your hamstrings and glutes more than your back. Keep the dumbbells closets your legs.

Also, deadlifts aren’t mandatory. I’ve been doing this move lately, it’s good for hamstrings.

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Dumbbell Romanian deadlift look like a stiff legged deadlift with barbell

The last one, u have a chair for do that in gym no ? He look like

is the same ?

Are you lifting at home with try little equipment, or at the gym with many equipments?

For some reason I thought you were at home with no fancy stuff.

Yes, Romanian Deadlifts and Stiff Leg Deadlifts are pretty similar motions.

Yes, that back raise (in the video) is similar to the hip hinge motion. Except the kneeling move is hardest at the bottom, and the back extension is hardest at the top.