A Strategy to Six Pack?

Hi coach,
I’m a 27 years old Italian boy , 188 cm tall per 90 kg, BF 18-20% . I’ve been weightlifting for 3 years, and now I’ve decided to see my abs for the first time in my life, something that never happened even when I went from 98 to 74 kg. I planned it this way:
Training: Mondays and Fridays full body at the gym + hiit (hill sprints), Wednesday circuit training + 20 minute steady state cardio (running).
Diet: first month with “one hundred grams carb cure” and then carb cycling for another month.
There will be 2 weeks of clean refeed and then I’m going to low-calorie again. Also, in summer I go cycling 3 times a week. I usually ride about 42 km in 3 hours. So I want to ask you:
1 - Are my diet and workout plans right?
2 - Can riding so many times bring me to catabolism?
3 - Should I have breakfast before bike-riding or is it better with empty stomach?