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A Story

the other day, a guy i work with, whose first language is spanish, asked me, “you know what’s good energy?”

me: “what?”

him: “you know, uh, good energy.”

me: “what?”

him: “you know, uh, guys use for energy (makes needle in arm motion). what’s it called?”

me: “steroids.”

him: “yeah, steroids. what’s a good kind?”

me: “i don’t know. you wanna use em?”

him: “yeah.”

me: “well, i’ve never used, so i don’t know, so anything i told you would be wrong.” then i walk away. as im walking away he askes, “why? are they bad?” i turn around and walk back and respond, “i couldn’t tell you because i don’t use them, never have, and if i did i would wait till im thirty.”

him: “well im thirty.”

me: “okay then, use them, but i can’t help you.”

him: “oh.”

then i walk away.

in retrospect, i should’ve given him some advice (because i know enough to tell him what NOT to do), but i was kinda irritated because i’ve gotten a few steroid comments at work and they’re just so clueless that i feel any explanation or advice would be misunderstood.

what was i supposed to say, “watch out for gyno.” his response: “what’s gayno, meng?”

haha energy thats classic

Sell him a jumbo bottle of vitamin C for $200 and tell him its dianabol

I feel for you bro. I have overheard several conversations in the gym relating to AAS and wanted to chime in and set the record straight, but decided it would be best to stay out of it as I don’t need any more attention being drawn to me.
Maybe once I graduate med school my opinion may hold more weight, but right now people just stereotype me as being a meathead bber before even conversing with me. This is why I don’t even waste my time trying to clear up misconceptions.


it’s not your responsibility. nobody can hold you accountable for that guy’s actions. you can’t change the world, bro.

You did the right thing wufwugy, if people want to know about AAS it’s best for them to research it themselves. Once they research then they can ask specific questions to people or on a BB forum.

There is alot more to AAS’s, than just advising people to take 2shots per week of this and 4 pills of that, etc. There’s alot of little details, to be safe about it.

Unless you personally know and trust someone who asks you a question on AAS, then it’s best to just keep it secret. There is just way to much stigma with gear right now and we don’t want anymore attention being drawn our way.

Even if you look like your juiced to the gills and people are sure your using, it’s still best to keep it quiet. Peace!

Agreed. That’s probably the best way you could’ve handled that situation. At least maybe it got him thinking about how you could look the way you do without them, since he obviously before figured that in order to look like you do, that you did need them.

Or, maybe he went and ate some doughnuts. ::shrug::