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A Stick Fighting Thread

I am bored so thought I would take the opportunity to a learn about something new. Stick fighting seems to have grown in popularity these past few years, I’m sure I never heard about it five or six years ago, now there are quite a few schools about. Who here trains in some form of stick fighting? I know Xen has some experience of DBMA. What benefits do you get from it- is there any cross over to the “street”? how does it help you as an overall athlete? does it help in developing in other martial arts, or in developing as an allround martial artist? or is it just fun beating the crud out of someone with a stick?

Any thoughts on stick fighting would be appreciated, I know nothing about it but find it very interesting.

I did some a few years ago, but it was more a prelude to swordfighting than pure stick-fighting.

The benefits are that you learn good footwork (depending on style) and how to take a hit. The only part that transfers to the street is the footwork and maybe if you’re face with an attacker using a stick/staff, you’ll know what to do.

The style I learned was from an old Indian guy and doesn’t really have a name but Escrima, Silat /Filipino martial arts have a fair bit of stick fighting in them and seem ok.

I love stick fighting. The Phillipino’s do a lot of it as a way to practice fighting with machetes.

I disagree with Simba. Weapons are an extension of the body. Part of your empty handed fighting foundation should be good footwork. You will be wasting your time trying to learn how to use an extension of the body without having a good empty hand foundation.

The big benefit you will get for your empty hand fighting is the sticks move at a much higher velocity than just your limbs. This will sharpen your eye and help with reaction time.