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A Solution to My Forearm Pain

I’ve done Internet searches and haven’t come across the solution to forearm pain that I am experiencing. Any wisdom that could be imparted by experts would be appreciated!

The pain is mostly in the vicinity of my elbows and is of about equal intensity on both sides. The exact location is if you hold your arms straight out in front of you with palms down, there is a “bump” of elbow joint bone pointing straight toward the floor. The painful area is just a thumb’s-width away from there just down the forearm. That muscle is painful and seems to be most aggravated by the firm gripping of the bar during curls, rows, any exercise where I have to grip a heavy bar and pull toward myself while bending the elbow and firmly keeping the wrist straight in order to maintain a grip on the bar.

I’ve had tendinitis in other areas and this pain doesn’t feel the same. It isn’t sharp, shooting pain. It’s a sore, ache that won’t go away.

If I had to guess based on sketches of forearm anatomy I’ve found on the Internet, I’d say that the pain is in the “Medial epicondyle” area. This is where the Wrist flexor muscles attach just above the elbow (although the pain feels as if it’s below the elbow, just barely on the forearm side of the elbow joint).

I knew I’d regret not going for that orthopedic surgeon education!


This is quite confusing ~ does it feel like a shinsplint? For some reason my mind goes blank trying to read your description.

You’ve already made the diagnosis: medial epicondyitis.

Sounds like tennis elbow to me. I fought bilateral tennis elbow for almost a year.

The only things that worked for me:

Choose movements that aggravate it the least–duh!

Ice the area after every workout, perhaps daily.
Use Ibuprofen as necessary.

Gradually introduce forearm work into your program, esp movements for the extensors.

I’ve heard tale that ultrasound treatments help. These are usually available at physical therapy centers and some chiros.

Just a thought, but you might try avoiding anything with a straight bar. EZ-bar might help out some…maybe

Wow, Radjxf - that’s probably the ticket. The following URL seems to describe, and has a perfect picture of, my pain and location:


Also, emedicine.com and sportsmedicine.about.com had great descriptions of this. These are the first two sites that come up when I Google medial epicondylitis. The emedicine.com article is a little over my head, but I’ll read it a few more times.

Now, I just need to find some forearm stretching exercises and get one of those 55-gallon drums of Advil at Costco.

Thanks heaps.

Just a thought…legendary coach Vince Gironda recommended B-12 and manganese supplements.