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A Small Tribute to Peter Jennings (1938-2005)

Before this year ends quickly, I’d like to share a moment of silence for Peter Jennings who passed away Aug.7, 2005 from lung cancer. He was born in Toronto, Canada and has risen to the top echelons of mass media. What stands out about him are not his accomplishments but who he is as an honest, hard working human being.

“He pushed himself, he pushed us, he made us better. One of the things that I think was very interesting about Peter is that he didn’t graduate from high school, and this gave him a kind of insecurity that made him want to work harder, and learn more,” Barbara Walters," he wrote like a dream. You would think that he was reading a script, and it was all ad-lib. He was an anchor in every true sense of the word. " This characteristic is likened to a coach who drives himself and his athletes to be the best they can be. (John Wooden is my all time favorite basketball coach.)

According to CNN," Jennings became a foreign correspondent for the network, covering such stories as the 1972 Summer Olympics Games in Munich, Germany when members of the Arab terrorist group Black September seized the Israeli compound and took athletes hostage and later kiled them." I chose this piece because of my love for the Olympics and how politics and sports are interwoven for many countries.

I’ve never met Mr. Jennings and only watched an interview. His honor,principles, integrity, and his genuine feeling for people affected me. He cares deeply about social, economic, political conditions of America so this is my small tribute to him and his griefing family.

( I also want to extend a thank you to all the reporters who bring important news coverage about war zones to American people. This task can be indeed dangerous. )
p.s. I searched the archives and found little rememberance of him so I wrote this post.

Thank you for the small gathering everyone and even to those who accidentally stumbled upon this thread. I really appreciate this reading and also acknowledge the brave soldiers who have devoted their lives to our country too during warring times. Many of them go unrecognized and thus will require their own special tribute later in December…