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A Slow Climb to Massive Eating...

I remember about three months ago I was afraid to eat more than 2800 kcal a day, and my lifts and progress were showing it. I was clueless about nutrition, knew very little about the break down of carbs, fats and proteins and was really frustrated.

I have gone from being scared and clueless about food to eating roughly 4000 kcal each workout day with a split of 45 - 50 per cent Protein, 20 - 25 per cent Carbs, and 30 - 35 per cent Fats (M/P/S split).

The saying that you get big in the kitchen, not the gym has become my everything. I just can’t express how important it is to have your nutrition in check. While I am still relatively new to all of this as I haven’t been lifting more than a year I am seeing wonderful results from a super clean, super calculated eating regiment. I use www.fitday.com to help me easily track what I am eating and how much.

This is what today looks like:

Calories Eaten Today

Total: 4152

Fat: 134g 1207kcal 31%
Sat: 33 293 8%
Poly: 53 474 12%
Mono: 42 377 10%

Carbs: 286g 853kcal 22%
Fiber: 73 0 0%

Protein: 449g 1797kcal 47%

Alcohol: 0 0 0%

I have gradually worked up to ~4000 kcal a day from about two months ago starting at ~2800. I have seen almost no fat gains, but strength gains are going up very nicely as well as appearance.

Stats are
21 years old
been lifting really solid and consistent for 5 months. I started at 145 about 7 months ago.

What do y’all think?