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A Skinny's Road on 5/3/1 BBB

Hello guys. I just finished my first week of the first BBB 5/3/1 cycle. I am in a bulk of 3200 kcal, I have 142 lbs, 5’10 height. Macros 40/30/30.
My program looks like this:

Monday: oh press 5/3/1, bench press 5x10, chins 5x10, triceps skull crusher 3x10, biceps curl 3x10, chest dip 3x10

tuesday: deadlift 5/3/1, squat 5x10, 5x10 ab wheel, calf raise machine 3x10

Wed: off

thursday: bench press 5/3/1, oh press 5x10, dumbbel row 5x10, 3x10 skullcrusher, 3x10 biceps curl, 3x10 chest dip

friday: squat 5/3/1, deadlift 5x10, ab wheel 5x10, calf raise machine 3x10

The biggest problem is the lack of motivation because of my tits I have because of fat. I lost from 180 lbs and my endocrinologist did ultrasound and it’s just fat. Im really scared because may get worse. I have in plan to bulk until octombre, after to cut 12 weeks.
My main purpose is to get rid of these nipples, if i can, of course.
I await your advice and I hope you enjoy and watch my road.IMG_4733 A5E2A19C-A9AC-4116-93FF-43F72A18568F

Get bigger. A marble looks much bigger when attached to an orange vs when attached to a bowling ball.

That’s two opposite goals.

I can’t remember the exact numbers but if you’re on a cut I believe multiplying your BW with 11 is the way to go, maintenance is around x 13 or 14 and bulk x 15 or 16.
Meaning if you’re eating 3200 cal you’ll end up fat.
Try with 142 x 15 = 2130 good clean calories, train hard and smart and you’ll be good. Gain no more than maybe a pound every 14 days.

The problem is that my maintenance calories are ~2700. Anyway, i have 140 lbs - 5’10 height. I dont think i need to cut anymore. I know, my nipples are just fat, but im gonna put some muscle until octomber-november and then cut. I hope i will had 160 lbs in november, then cut to 150-155 lbs. I hope my nipples will be smaller.

If i cut to 130 lbs, the wind will take me for sure.

Hello guys.
I came back with an update, after almost 10 months. In May, last year I had 61 kg. Currently I have 76 kg. Over time, I have tried to eat around 3700 kg, because I can only put on weight there. I ate as clean as possible. At the beginning of March, I will try to define up to 70 kg.
Please, watch to my last topic from supplements and nutrition, about fatigue.
I’m waiting for your feedback

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