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Today was, by far, the funniest bike ride of my life! Snow, ice, water… Here are some shots!


I’m not very active on the forum during this period because my smartphone is dead (early March), and I’ve lost all my data… But I’m training and eating the best I can! Even if I am very stressed from my job and often I’m too tired to train, I’m following Wendler’s beach body challenge and I’m riding the bike at least one day per week. I’m continuing with my non counting carb cycling diet, obviusly without eating crap food. Now I’m doing my night shift… Tomorrow morning training and later… Cheat day! Happy Easter to everyone here on T-Nation!


I’ve had some days of hell because of gastroenteritis. I lost lots of mass on my quads and arms, I’m really sad.


Back in the gym and my strenght is gone :disappointed_relieved:, I hope It’s only a temporary condition.


20 min running this morning. Currently I’m trying to add some cardio to my weight training (I’m sticking with Wendler’s Beach Body Challenge) and bike rides. I feel often weak in the gym and my strenght is going a little down, I think this is a direct consequence of my low carb diet.


Spoils of war