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A Skinny Fat's Journey Through Wendler's 5/3/1



Today was, by far, the funniest bike ride of my life! Snow, ice, water… Here are some shots!


I’m not very active on the forum during this period because my smartphone is dead (early March), and I’ve lost all my data… But I’m training and eating the best I can! Even if I am very stressed from my job and often I’m too tired to train, I’m following Wendler’s beach body challenge and I’m riding the bike at least one day per week. I’m continuing with my non counting carb cycling diet, obviusly without eating crap food. Now I’m doing my night shift… Tomorrow morning training and later… Cheat day! Happy Easter to everyone here on T-Nation!


I’ve had some days of hell because of gastroenteritis. I lost lots of mass on my quads and arms, I’m really sad.


Back in the gym and my strenght is gone :disappointed_relieved:, I hope It’s only a temporary condition.


20 min running this morning. Currently I’m trying to add some cardio to my weight training (I’m sticking with Wendler’s Beach Body Challenge) and bike rides. I feel often weak in the gym and my strenght is going a little down, I think this is a direct consequence of my low carb diet.


Spoils of war


Today I’ve reached 2 months of cut (1 month left). I’m down to 80 kg (186 lbs) from 88 kg (194 lbs). With good lights I can glimpse my upper abs but I’m NOT satisfied. I hope this month will bring me my never uncovered abs!

  • My training is a 3-a-week 5/3/1 based full body, i’m doing fasted morning cardio (25 min sessions) at least 2 times a week and last week I’ve introduced sprints.
  • My diet is simple; vegetables, fattier meats and healty fats in off/cardio days, starchy carbs and lean proteins in weights days. Calories are between 1800-2200, depending of the day.
  • I feel often weak, flat and small in my clothes; maybe this is due to glycogen depletion, my crazy job schedule (lots of night shifts) and the fact that I’m always working out fasted (or semi fasted). I don’t wanna lose my motivation because I’ve never been so close to see my abs… Next month will be hard and exciting.
  • The first pic is dated february 27, when I’ve started my cut; the second is from today.


Right now I’m doing my best and I’m pushing to the limit for the final sprint of my fat loss phase.
With good lights I can clearly see my 4-pack… It’s incredibly emotional! Even if it’s not a full 6-pack I’m proud of myself… I’ve never seen any of my abs!

  • I’m sticking with Wendler’s 5/3/1 full body 3 times a week; I can easily say that is the most flexible and valid program I’ve ever run.
  • The glicogen depletion is slowly sabotaging my strenght and endurance. Reaching the end of the workout is each day harder.
  • I’ve highly increased my cardio; every morning 20 minutes of fasted running at the soccer field near my house (1 lap medium and 1 lap high speed). Times ago I was a runner so I perfectly know how to handle speed/distance.
  • Next week I’ll play my jolly; instead of normal running, I’ll do 10 hill sprints + 20 minutes running after them. I saved them as my last fat loss resource.
  • My cardio is fasted but I have bcaa + glutammine before it. I also take L-carnitine.
  • I’m eating very clean; no sweets, no chocolate, no sugar, no soda, no beer. I eat carbs only on weight training days, mostly post workout; on other days I’m sticking with big salads, lean cheeses, fattier cuts of meat and healty fats. Calories are around 1700 on “off” (only cardio) days and 2000 on weight training days.
  • My cut will finish (or will only be suspended?) on May 27. By this day I’ll reverse diet to peak for the T-ransformation challenge ending.
  • I’m thinking to switch to a Sheiko routine after my cut, after 6 months of 5/3/1 I feel the need to change my training approach, but I’ll surely come back to Wendler’s programs in autumn.
  • Even if the results may look very little, I’m really proud of what I’m doing. Handling all this cardio, training and eating through my stressful job and general life problems is very tough. But this fight is toughening my spirit, my mind and my body. After all… This isn’t what really matter?


Just for completeness, here are my pics for the T-Ransformation challenge:


First day of cut


Various comparisons

During this summer I’ll try some sheiko routines (with added lat work) to bring up my big lifts. The road to Hokuto Renkitóza is still long!


That’s some tremendous job right there!

Quando avrò tempo mi leggo tutto il tuo log, devo essere sincero la tua trasformazione è impressionante e sicuramente c’è molto da imparare da quello che hai fatto, sia con la dieta che con l’allenamento.

Again, good job!


Grazie, ma secondo sei troppo gentile, con tutta la gente competente che c’è sul forum sicuramente potrai imparare cose migliori e in maniera maggiore invece che da un secco come me :wink:


Well, the T-Ransformation challenge is going to end, so I will change my log name according to what I’m doing right now.
After dieting down for 3+ months I felt the need to starting getting stronger, because my lifts are a little weak and they got weaker during this dieting process. My goal for this summer: raising up my big lifts. I decided to go through Sheiko routines; I’ve never tried a pure powerlifting routine, so it will be very exticing. I’ll add a good amount of lat work (that is lagging in Sheiko programs) and some core/biceps exercises at the end of the workout. I stopped running, but not cycling; I’ve replaced the running with 20 minutes heavy farmer’s walk at the soccer field.
On the T-Ransformation challenge, it looks I’m going to get the second place; when I started, I never imagined to get this awesome result! The forum is full of big and shredded guys and I am very proud of all this Journey! Like I said in a post back in time, are not the results to be important, but the Journey to get them!
So, I’m re-starting my journey once again; this summer Sheiko, then full immersion 5/3/1 BBB + soccer championship. I’ll come back to the T-Ransformation 2019 bigger, stronger and leaner!


First Sheiko routine of my life done. I liked it but it has too high volume; I can’t tolerate high volume for too much time. After this experiment (maybe I’ll come back to Sheiko next year) I’ll try some low volume 5/3/1 variations, starting with Triumvirate. I need a long break from volume and I would prepare myself for a better Hypertrophy phase later this year. The Wendler way is my way, again and forever.


I’m not much on the forum in these days, I’m lifting less than ever but I’m enjoying a lot of bike rides. I’ll be back on september, Building The Monolith is waiting for me. Will this be the right time to put on some serious mass? I hope so.


I’m a soccer player again. I’ve accepted to be the goalkeeper of Savignanese for the 50th of the team. Now I only have to find a way to balance weight training and soccer training :relieved:


Right now I’m planning my training for next “season”. After my holiday (in september) I’ll give to 5/3/1 BTM a try. I’ll skip Jim’s suggestion on conditioning because I’ll be in the middle of my soccer athletic preparation for the Championship. After a deload, finally I’ll try the Boring But Big 3 Month Challenge. Soccer training will be only 1-2 times a week. Obviously these are only my plans and all can be changed, but I like to have a “direction” to follow.
For next month I’ll stick with 5/3/1 Triumvirate, I love this template, short time in the gym and great strenght work, it is also good as “periodisation” because of his low volume. Bike rides are always great, I’m doing an average of 40-45 km with my mountain-bike, climbing the mountains of southern Italy and having very good time with my friends!


First soccer game of the year = DOMS everywhere. :relieved::relieved::relieved:
Tomorrow I’ll start the Coffinworm template, training 3 a week instead of 4, so the entire cycle will last 4 weeks and my deload will be my holiday (Gallipoli Beach :sunglasses:). After my holiday I think I’ll try to clean bulk with the BTM template. So carb and calorie cycling. Wish me good luck…


Current situation. Only training 3x week, 5/3/1 Coffinworm + sporadic soccer games. Simple and clean diet, carb cycling with a calorie surplus on training day and at maintenance on off/soccer days.


Back to the gym after my holiday, ready to smash some weights and start my clean bulk.
This time I’m in with the Pervertor template. Here is my first workout of the “season” :

  • Back Squat 5’s PRO
  • Back squat 10x5 @FSL
  • Romanian Deadlift 5x10
  • Ab Rollout 3x10
    74 minutes of pure suffering!
    I can’t imagine how hard the BBB 3 Month Challenge (which has a lot more volume) will be…


Second Workout of Pervertor. I got sore everywhere in my legs after the previous…

  • Bench Press 5’s PRO
  • Bench Press 10x5 @FSL
  • Close Grip Bench Press 5x10
  • Dumbbell Row 5x10

Ten minutes shorter than previous workout, I went to failure on last 2 sets of CG Bench (only got 8 reps).
I love this kind of training.