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A Sincere Thanks to Christian for His Help


First Let me start by saying I'm one of the worst ectomorph that has ever been. I used to be 6'1 120 in college. 7 inches arms, the crazy starved like guy...who ate all the time, the wrong way.

In college I started training and picked up 20 then 40 pounds, to reach around 150-160 in a 4 years of traning, tried almost everything that is clean workout, it just didnt progress anymore.

After 6 years I got bored of it never busting out 175. Dropped back at 160.

Now a year and a half ago I started up Listening to your good advices, awesome btw.

Started up at 164 pounds. For 3 months I've been shabby in my training but I've took a meare 10 to hit 175 again...

That's when I read more articles, bought better supplement and cut off the unnescessary ones.

I ended up bulking from 175 to 202 pounds in 10 months, took 3 inches of arms, 6 inches of back and shoulders. And Dropped my Fat to 185 pounds.

Your trainings worked a miracle on me, and they are still kicking in, I've been on a strength training for so long now, I moved to the rvt and I'm picking up size at a Marvellous rate.

I had to say Thank you.
You've been a great help to me.


Truly awesome to hear stories like this.

I don't want to speak for CT, but I'd guess that this made him smile :slight_smile:

Good work Danfred and CT


Nice work indeed. I myself want to go over the 200 lbs benchmark.

I have to say that my story is close to yours; it's just that I'm training for only 2 years.

I started out at 14 years old, I currently am 191 cm (I'm not sure if that's 6'2" or 6'3") and 187 lbs. The starting weight was somewhere 155-160 lbs.

Bf is now around 8-10% and stated at 15%.

My arms were a little bigger than yours: 10" and are now over 14" (full of stretch-marks).

My biggest problem from start was strength and I'm still working on it.

I also have to thank CT, because once my newbie gains were over his work brang new ones + a new and improved lifestyle.

I love to hear CT's explainaitions on new methods. My personality dictates that I'm very curious and egger to learn (also my zodiac saids that I'm very sociable and adaptable, but I can't know that for sure)!

I bet that I'll get to 200 lbs this year, but untill then I'll just have to train the way CT tought me to (and all of those who wanted). Also I might finally hit the 200 lbs bench press, wich is a gole since I started!

EDIT: I also have this goal to get to 16" arms but that will happen closer to the next years.

These stories tech us to be optimistic, so it's nice to hear them from time to time.