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A Simple Title for a Simple Goal


Hey everyone this will be my first log here on T NATION and whether or not you follow me in my quest for larger weights and larger shirt sizes is up to you. I don't really care either way. I'm a freshman finishing up my first year of college at OSU and due to, how to put this lightly, me mixing up my priorities for a while I'm back to hitting the iron with the dedication and focus that I thought had all but evaporated with my hopes of college being nothing but keggers and one night stands with hot sluts drunk off whatever they could get their hands on.

I weigh ~165 give or take and am working on getting that number to rise. My best lifts in the big three have been a 205 bench, a 265 squat, and a 365 deadlift. Since I've been out of the lifting loop for a little bit lately I've just been doing the 8 week strength program that was posted a couple of weeks back and as of today have just finished week three. Since I've been recording my lifts and what not like a good little iron jockey the first three weeks have looked like this:

Monday W1

Bench 5x8 @125 1x3 @155
Incline Bench 5x8 @ 115
Bench from pins 5x5 @ 165 (yes I realize that in the article it says to board bench but due to the whole lifting in a college weight room where katy perry has to play over the PA system and nobody can be offended, boards were hard to come by)
Pull-ups 32 reps in 5 sets
45 degree row 3x8 @ 115,125,135
dead stop DB row 3x12 @ 60

Wednesday W1

Squat 5x8 @ 135 1x3 @ 170
Deadlift 3x8 @ 180
Leg press 12,10,8 @ 320,360,400
Front Squat 5x8 @ 115
Leg curl 10 @165
Back extension 10 @ BW (Glute-ham raise was replaced by these two lifts for the same reason as board benching)

Friday W1

Standing Military Press 5x8 @ 85
Power Lat Raise 2x12 @ 20
Power Rear Delt 2x12 @ 15
Close Grip Bench 5x8 @ 115
Pullover Skull Crushers 12,10,8 @ 55,60,65
V-grip Pushdown 3x12 @ 70
EZ-bar Curl 10,8,6 @ 60,65,70
T-curl 3x8 @ 25

Monday W2

Bench 4x8 @ 135 1x3 @ 165
Incline 4x8 @ 125
Bench from pins 4x5 @ 170
Pullup 32 reps in 4 sets
45 Degree Row 3x8 @ 120,130,140
Dead Stop DB Row 3x12 @ 60

Wednesday W2

Squat 4x8 @ 145 1x3 @ 180
Deadlift 2x8 @ 180 1x8 @ 195
Leg Press 12,10,8 @ 330,370,410
Front Squat 4x8 @ 120
Leg Curl 12 @ 165
Back Raise 12 @ BW

Friday W2

Standing Military Press 4x8 @ 90
Power Lat Raise 3x12 @ 20
Power Rear Delt Raise 3x12 @ 15
Shrug 3x12 @ 135
Close Grip Bench 4x8 @ 125
Pullover Skulls 12,10,8 @ 65,70,75
V-Pushdown 3x12 @ 80
EZ Bar Curl 10,8,6 @ 65,70,75
T-Curl 3x8 @ 25

Monday W3

Bench 3x8 @ 145 1x3 @ 175
Incline 3x8 @ 130
Bench from pins 3x5 @ 175
Pullups 32 reps in 4 sets
45 Degree Row 3x8 @ 130,140,150
Dead Stop DB Row 3x10 @ 70

Wednesday W3

Squat 3x8 @ 160 1x3 @ 190
Deadlift 1x8 @ 180 1x8 @ 205
Leg Press 12,10,8 @ 340,380,420
Front Squat 3x8 @ 125
Leg Curl 14 @ 165
Back raise 14 @ BW

Friday W3

Standing Military Press 3x8 @ 95
Power Lat Raise 4x12 @ 20
Power Rear Delt Raise 4x12 @ 15
Shrug 4x12 @ 135
Close Grip Bench 3x8 @ 135
Pullover Skulls 12,10,8 @ 65,70,75
V-Pushdown 3x12 @ 80
EZ Bar Curl 10,8,6 @ 70,75,80
T-Curl 3x8 @ 25

I plan on updating this log Monday, Wednesday, Friday through out the week and I will also include what I've eaten, supps I take, etc. Thank you for taking the time to read this log, feel free to ask any questions and I would be more than happy to listen to any advice anybody has.

P.S. I've noticed on Fridays while doing P. Lat raise and the general shoulder work I feel it a lot more in my traps and slightly if at all in my delts. If anybody has this problem as well/knows how to correct it I would be forever thankful.


Hey man good stuff…you have a very detailed weekly plan – consistency is key!
I know what you mean about mixing up the priorities! My frosh year I gained about 5 pounds which wasnt the freshman 15s but it was enough to wake myself up and realize what was needed.
ow when you say OSU do you mean Thee Ohio State University??


haha when I say OSU yes I mean Ohio State the “THEE” is usually only included when frat boys or people who are trying to make you feel inferior. At least thats been my experience so far. I haven’t gained any weight but my numbers suffered and the lifter at heart couldn’t stand that.


I have a few buddies that are at OSU right now. Im at BG but possibly might apply to OSU for grad school down the road.
As for numbers go it won’t take long to get back up.

Also, your question on lat raises about feeling it more in the traps than delts could be on the technique your using. I see a lot of guys using their traps too much during the concentric and mostly the eccentric phase of the lift.
Keep the arms bent and always make sure your elbow is higher than the weight.


I’m currently at The University of Akron, so we’re all in the somewhat of the same neighborhood. I never really got into the party scene like you two did, but it’s still great to hear people getting on the right track.

As far your question about Lat raises, I prefer doing seated reverse flys. I usually get the best shoulder pump from these, too. Keep up the hard work and dedication jdobs.


Monday W4

Bench 2x8 @ 155 1x3 @ 185
Incline 2x8 @ 135
Bench from pins 2x5 @ 185
pull ups 32 reps in 4 sets
45 degree row 3x8 @ 140,150,160
dead stop row 3x10 @ 70

Monday was fairly routine. The only bumps I saw were on my last set of bench I had to rack the weight and wait a second for my third rep because I didn’t have a spot and wasn’t 100% confident I could lock the weight out.