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A Simple Thanks


Nothing specific to ask, I just wanted to give a thanks to you for all the great content you’ve posted over the years.

Been a long time follower and learnt loads, so yea, thanks for sharing your knowledge.


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Well nothing specific to add but I’m humbled and honored by your message


Same here! Just a big thank you for everything!
Learnt tons from you over the years. Things that had a huge impact in my personal Training. Things i can use in training my clients day in day out.
…and now, today, you blew me completely away with your new series about the neuro-profiles. And this for free!
Hope to meet you some day!

Would like to echo the above sentiments, you are quality CT…



thanks coach

Hi Christian,

I wonder if you have some words for me. I can’t seem to stick to my diet and workouts. After all the diets and programs that I started and never got to continue, I don’t know what else to do. :frowning:

You are likely type 2b … you need to be held accountable to stick to a diet. Maybe having a coach measuring your body fat every week… not that I’m a huge fan of body fat measures, but this can help you stick to your diet to avoid dissapointing the coach. But honestly this is an issue that goes well beyond the scope of a simple Q&A forum