A Simple Hypothetical

Suppose, now, just suppose…There’s a linebacker on a pro football team’s practice squad (all teams have 'em); this linebacker was an undrafted free agent that the coach really liked (say he’s about 24 years old now), and so coach decided to place him on the practice squad to try and “develop” him. This linebacker came from a small Division I-AA school, and thus he’s on the small side for a pro 'backer at about 220 lbs. This linebacker’s worked hard his whole career to reach 220 lbs. naturally, with the help of good workout programs, sound nutrition, and good strength coaches along the way, and he has good speed and quickness 'cause he’s light. He’s tried before to add some muscle weight but to no avail without getting fat, and has been stuck at 220 for about 4 years now, as he was about 210 coming out of high school and gained 10 lbs. of muscle in his first two years of college. So coach approaches him one day right after the season and tells him that if he ever hopes to make the jump from the practice squad to an actual NFL starting roster, he’ll at the very least need to pack on about 15 lbs. of muscle, without losing any of his speed or quickness, in the 6 month off-season. Coach has designated him to work with strength coach ____________ (you fill in the blank with any of the great ones out there). My question is, how will Mr. 'Backer gain this weight? By going on a bulking diet and eating 500 cals above maintenance a day while taking creatine? (Please don’t say “yeah” to that or I’ll puke). In other words, what choices does he have? How many out there think he can do it naturally? Now remember he’ll have the best of the best given to him. Plenty of rest, sound nutrition prepared for him, a great strength coach to work with him one on one. Can he do it without ‘roids? My answer, no f-----g way! I believe we all reach a set point where we can’t go any further, no matter what, without powerful assistance. I ain’t even talkin’ prohormones here but the real shit that 99.9999% of NFL players take. So, what would you do if you were in his shoes?

My point is, I sometimes get upset when I see or hear people who juice tell others that they should do it “naturally”. Or, someone who juices will tell you that even if they didn’t take ‘roids they’d still be incline pressin’ 275 for 10. Then why the f–k are you takin’ the shit, if that’s the case? Puh-lease. Articles abound everywhere, written by men who take ‘roids, that tell “naturals” how to gain muscle weight. Got news for ya, if a natural’s been training 8 years and is 215 at 11% bf for the last 4, he probably ain’t goin’ any higher no matter what some ‘roid written article says. The only reason the author gained mostly muscle was because he was chargin’ his system with a gram a week of test combined with who knows what. Get my point? Oh, by the way, I’d still like that linebacker questions answered :slight_smile: Thanks to all for responding and I ain’t an angry young man. I’m just stating my opinion on this matter and I’d certainly like to hear everyone else’s.

You answered your question. At a certain point androgens will be needed to reach the next level. “He” may get up to that higher level needed with the legal stuff like Mag-10-in fact the new legal Pro-Steroids by Biotest may do it for you WHY HASN’T HE AT LEAST TRIED THEM?!WTF? ANY GREAT STRENGTH COACH WILL RECOMMEND THEM OR HE IS NO GREAT STRENGTH COACH! To reach 100%genetic potential Steroids are needed PERIOD. IF YOU WANT TO BE YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST YOU NEED STEROIDS-THEY ARE A TOOL USE THE TOOL OR DON’T. Now, don’t get mad at others who say they are natural who are not! Remmber drugs are illegal and if you are in the NFL you say no I don’t take them because: 1) You will get fired/Fined 2) The Public will eat you alive for doing something that is not (in my opinion) wrong 3) You can get prosecuted. Basically in our society admitting to steroid use it could ruin your professional and personal life in many ways. Same goes for your NCAA buddies-if they walk asound saying they are on AS they violate the rules and rsik being kicked off the team. Simple answers to simple questions…

Using legal supplements like MAG 10 and 4-AD-C E and a strength coach like Charles Poliquin its very likely to be possible without ROIDS. Thanks to Biotest I don’t see the need for Roids AT ALL!

I dont think in most cases such as you describe that steroids are necessary. Many football players are typically so active they can easily gain weight by reducing expenditure and focusing more on mass. And from what i’ve seen most of the strength and conditioning programs out there leave a lot to be desired.