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A.Silva vs Machida Needs to Happen


regardless of their friendship and shared skills, its the most logical next fight for both fighters. No contender in either weight division stands a chance against either one. I read a press release saying that Silva wont let that happen but Dana White will make it so if Silva goes through a few more '05ers.



Oh...so now that Silva legitimately beat a 205 contender,nobody wants to talk Silva/GSP anymore?? I see.

Silva/Machida is not going to happen anytime soon...and frankly,it doesn't "need" to happen right now.


Silva went through some shitty light heavies... If anything, Lesnar v. Silva should happen before Machida/Silva. Since you know, Lesnar is the technically skilled second coming of Christ and all that.


I never really cared about Silva vs. GSP. I mean Silva is 205 right now..2 weightclasses away from GSP.
GSP would need quite a bit of time to effectively fight at 185, since he never has.
Besides I have a feeling Silva would win, even in the standup game.

Anyways I rather much see Silva vs. any other 205'er.
Rampage and such...I'm lookin forward to any fight Silva is in. Been one of my fav. fighters since the beginning.


I would actually like to see Silva vs. Vera. Too bad Mousasi is in Strikeforce.


Silva v. Machida would be a great fight no doubt, but I dont see it happening very soon either. I expected Forrest to do better than he did, fight kinda sucked to me...I was hoping for something more.

One surprise for me besides how quickly Silva dispatched Forrest was the fact that the supposed size advantage that Forrest was going to have was non existent. Silva didnt look undersized at all to me.

I'm just waiting for Jon Jones to come against some decent competition. I think of anyone at 205 he shows the most promise to be able to contend with the likes of Machida and Silva in strikes, and I'd say he has better wrestling than either of them. Still he needs some more fights under his belt before he faces either one of them.


i think forrest broke his jaw... so yea I'd run out too and get that shit checked out.


Silva vs GSP, I think Silva would murder him. Silva is too big, and GSP has always had problems against good strikers (Matt Serra, BJ Penn.) Now imagine Silva a bigger and much better striker then both imo, he would end GSP...


My question is, why should GSP even consider moving up a class to fight? Anyone who says they should fight should include that if they were to fight, Silva should have to drop down. GSP has stated he is somewhat a natural at that weight class and unlike Silva, doesn't cut 20 pounds or more to make fight weight.

There are weight classes for a reason... Now, if there was a UFC Grand Prix, hell, I'd bet on Silva to beat everyone, even all the heavies. But this isn't Pride.


I've heard a couple of times now that Forrest broke his jaw, and couldn't hear out of his right? left? ear. Hopefully he's ok.

Machida/Silva would be cool, but so would Silva vs A lot of 205's. Anderson will put on exciting fights against aggressive fighters, who aren't Brazilian (minus wand).




Yeap. Silva vs Vera would be quite interesting. Brandon Vera has one of the best muay thai/kicks in the game and I think it's gonna be closer than most people would think.



I think if Dana starts putting silva against everyone it will ruin the UFC. You can't have any one single fighter disgrace all of your other fighters, or it makes your organization look like a joke. Letting Silva loose on the Top fighters in the world would devastate the legitimacy of MMA in the United States. Especially since Silva's boxing is so damn good! Shit, now that I said that guys like Irish are going to have a hay day! Hahaha just kidding Irish.


If you're the big dog, you don't drop weight classes to fight the little dog. GSP goes to Silva's weightclas or don't talk about it at all.


He basically cleaned out the MW division, what else is he going to do? He might as well clean up the LHW division too (which I think he can.)



Here it is folks!


Anderson's obviously ducking GSP


Some interesting match-ups there, but I do want to see him against Henderson and maybe Marquart again. Never been an okami fan. I am sure Henderson would rather get another shot at Silva rather than fighting someone else for a vacant belt. Henderson/Marquart would be a good fight though.

Machida - Silva said he wouldn't fight him. Maybe just a ploy by both for big $$?
Rua - The fight I would most like to see. They should make this happen regardless of weight class and titles held.
Jones - Maybe in a year?
Mousasi - Maybe in a year?
Rampage - Very slightly intereested
Evans - Not that interested unless he actually decided to use his wrestling.
Tito/Vera/Jardine - next on the list but not that interested.

Little OT but wonder how Rich would feel about AS moving up? Poor guy. It get the sense Dana is more than willing to give him big money fights, but that they may not be thinking title shot for him. He'll probalby get Tito at some point.


A.Silva vs Lesnar will never happen. Silva had to struggle to get to 205 and Lesnar has to cut to 265. I just cant see A.Silva being willing to fight someone that big. There is just no one in MW or LHW that can present either fighter a reasonable challenge.