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A Sign? Who is John Gault


i was just contacted for a job by "John Gault Services". Perhaps this was a sign??



Hah! What's the company do?


heheheh; would be funnier if it was a power company or an engineering firm.


They are an engineering head hunter group.



That rules!


I'm still waiting for my pack of cigaretts.



I don't understand this post, i mean..... Who is John Gault? :slight_smile:


"atlas shrugged" by ayan rand

long story short john gault is a genious, that recruits other genious and takes all the smart people far away from the morons/welfare/lazy asses of the world, then the world crubles with out them to do everything for them


I actually heard there was a store in Denver that had the name John Galt in it. And when people came in they'd always ask, "Who is John Galt?"

It's probably their little joke.