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A Shorter Sustanon Mix?

What about this?

30 mgs Testosterone Propionate
60mgs testosterone Phenylpropionate
60mgs testosterone Isocaproate

This combination would allow you to get in an out quicker without having to wait for the Decanoate to kick in or fade out.

The hald lives (although they vary by site) are:

Prop 2-3 days (1-2 days)
Phenyl 4-5 days
Iso 8-9 days

I like the look of this. It appears you could do 2x PW and have nice even t-levels.

Does anybody have any input on whether or not this is homebrewable? (provided one has brewing knowledge)

Why would it not be “homebrewable?”

I’ve always liked the concept of a multi-ester Test product, but things like Sustanon and Andropen only end up leaving people with a false sense of security, thus only injecting once every week.

Ride the E2 Rollercoaster.

Why not just make life a whole lot simpler and use prop by itself EOD if you are looking for a short ester?

Prop is GREAT! Looking for something that last a little longer - but not TOO long.

On another board it was suggested like this:

60 mgs Testosterone Propionate
12 mgs testosterone Phenylpropionate
120 mgs testosterone Isocaproate

I like the look of this better.