A Short Pull-Up/Dip Station?


Putting together a home gym in the basement of our new house.  Unfortunately, the ceiling is only about 6' 6".  I'm about 6' 2".

So, does anyone know about any really short or adjustable pull-up dip stations? Everything I see is way over 7 feet. Realize it won’t be that comfortable but I’ll just bend my heels in towards my ass and should be able to do it.

I could probably build it if I can’t find anything but would rather buy something.


What kind of equipment do you have? You could always cut down a power rack if it is in the budget. If you are lifting alone they are essential for saftey.

If you open floor joist just just hang a pipe from the bottom of the joist.

For dips you could use Blast straps (very tough) or this dip station.

Get some chains. Attach to the rafters, attach to a bar like this, or anything else you want to hang from. Do you have a garage? Is the ceiling higher? That might be a better spot. Then you could have a pull-up tower.